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Seeing Your Life Through the lens of the gospel ~ Matthew 25:31-46

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1 This judgement scene contains surprises for us. One is that nobody is condemned for doing wrong, but for their failure to do good. Jesus is telling us that being his disciple is a positive choice about how we live and relate to others. Perhaps sin-avoidance has sometimes dominated your view of what was being asked of you.
What difference has it made for you when you viewed your Christian life as a daily opportunity to make a positive difference to others?

2 Another way of saying this is that the aim of Christian living is not me-centred (about my personal sanctification) but other-centred (about responding to the needs of others).
What happens to you when you get caught up yourself? Is your life not better, and often more enjoyable, when you can look beyond yourself to others?

3 Another surprise is to hear Jesus tell us that when we do something for another, he considers it as done to himself.
When has seeing Christ in others helped you in your dealings with them?

4 The story is about the judgement of the whole of humanity. It presents an ideal of society in which human relationships at all levels are governed by the law of love.
In your experience what difference has it made to a group to which you belonged when there was a definite sensitivity to the needs of all members?

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