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The Word This Week ~ 9 November 2014

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First Reading: Exodus 47:1-2,8-9,12

The destruction of the Temple and the exile were interpreted as a time of purification for the Israelites. They had continuously, disobeyed Godís covenant with them.
With the hope that God remained faithful to his people, Ezekielís vision depicts the Temple rebuilt and Godís presence restored to his people. The stream of water from under the Templeís threshold symbolises the restoration as the means of life for the Israelites.

Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 3:9-11, 16-17

Paul is concerned about the serious factions at Corinth. Rivalries are set up among the community members, through siding with one leader over another. The community are to understand that Godís larger purpose ought to be the focal point of their life. As Godís people, they are the temple of God in whom the Spirit of God dwells: Christ is their foundation.

Gospel Reading: John 2:13-22

John sets the cleansing of the Temple between the wedding at Cana and the outset of Jesusí ministry. Jesus is provocative, driving the people selling the animals and the money-changers out of the Temple but he also drives out
the sheep and the cattle, while commanding the dove-sellers to remove everything from his Fatherís house; it is not a market-place. As a result of this, the Jews challenge Jesus by seeking a sign to show on whose authority Jesus acts in this manner. For John, the Son is cleansing his
Fatherís house, but he may act like this because his authority is grounded in the sign that is resurrection from the dead.

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