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The Cracked Pot.

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There is an ancient mythological story told about a water bearer who many years ago in India, carried two large water pots, which hung on either side of a pole, which he carried on a framework around his neck. Every day, seven days a week he travelled to and from the nearby stream carrying the water to his master’s house. Then, one day he noticed a large crack had appeared in the earthenware pot and when he arrived at his master’s house it was only half full whist the other pot always delivered a full portion of water at the end of his journey. To make up the missing water he now had to make two trips a day, this went on for two years with him making two trips in the hot sun each day, before carrying out his other duties Then, to his surprise one day the cracked pot spoke to the bearer and said, “I am sorry that for the past two years I have delivered only half my load because of the crack in my side, which leaks water all the way back from the stream to your master’s house, creating more work for you.”

The man replied, “Thank you, but some good did come out of your leaking pot, have you never noticed the beautiful flowers that have sprung up on your side of the path? That’s because I took advantage of your leak and planted some flower seeds knowing that as we passed every day, they would be watered. I was then able to pick them and decorate my masters table with freshly cut flowers and received his thanks and praise for my work. All this would not have been possible, but for your leaking pot.”

This little story reminds me that we all have our own unique flaws in our character and that we are all cracked pots leaking faith and compassion sometimes. We must always allow God to use our flaws to a good purpose and if we are prepared to acknowledge them, then perhaps they too may become a thing of beauty. Remember! It is often in our own weakness that we find our inner strength.

“Inner resources make us live fully and creatively with what we have. Whenever we are diminished by bad health or financial reversals, we learn more about our character and values.
While we don’t always seek this, we learn to grow from the experience.”

Published Fri 17th Oct 2014 12:33:14

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