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Seeing Your Life Through the lens of the gospel ~ John 3:13-17

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1 In the Gospel of John the lifting up of Jesus on the cross is the climax of the revelation of Godís love for us. How has the cross spoken to you of the love we have been shown in Jesus?

2 Jesus says the purpose of his life is that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life. In what ways has faith given you life and vitality?

3 Jesus said that he was sent to save and not to condemn. Remember what has helped you to see God as one who is fundamentally on your side in life, a God to be trusted and relied on rather than feared.

4 In presenting the purpose of his life as salvation rather than condemnation, Jesus tells us something about the purpose of every human life. It is to be life-giving, rather than destructive of life. Recall times your life was enriched by the words or actions of another. Remember also when you were able to do the same for another person.

Published Fri 12th Sep 2014 11:16:44

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