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Saint John Henry Newman

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Seeing Your Life Through the lens of the gospel ~ Matthew 16:21-27

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1 Short-term loss is sometimes necessary for long-term gain, as a student studying, or an athlete training, can testify. When have you found that
denying yourself proved to be worthwhile because of what you gained afterwards?

2 Jesus was teaching his followers that the path of discipleship would involve pain and suffering. Peter would have none of it. When have you found that taking up your cross brought you life, even though at the time it may have been difficult?

3 Jesus knew that because his good news message was not acceptable to the authorities he would suffer and die. In spite of this he trusted that the
power of God would overcome evil. Have you seen a good news message survive even though opponents tried to stifle it?

4 Jesus promised that those who suffer for the kingdom would be rewarded. Perhaps, even in this earthly life, you have experienced reward for
faithful discipleship. What have these rewards been?

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