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In thirty seven years of marriage my wife and I have flown to many places on holiday, but I have to confess that flying frightens the life out of me, particularly take-off and landing and it is a fear I have had to put up with, or miss going to some exotic places. Not so, the little lad in this week's story.

The departure lounge was packed with passengers awaiting their aircraft, with families looking forward to their holiday in some wonderful sunny country, but in one corner sat a little boy who appeared to be all alone. When the flight was called, an air stewardess appeared, took hold of the little lad’s hand and led him to the front of the departure queue, his documentation was checked and he was taken aboard the aircraft first and seated in a window seat. Soon, the other passengers started to board and a lady sitting next to him tried to engage him in conversation, but the boy didn't answer, he seemed far more interested in colouring the drawings in his book. The engines increased in noise and the aircraft increased speed and roared down the runway, the nose rose into the air and the plane continued to climb until it had reached its cruising altitude of 30,000 feet where it levelled off.

The little boy seemed totalled unimpressed with this feat and kept his eyes glued to his book, never once even looking out of the window. For the first hour of the flight all went well and the cabin staff served drinks and meals to their hungry passengers and the boy accepted some food and asked for an orange juice, but although he would give the lady next to him a smile, he still didn't talk to her. Suddenly the pilot announced that passengers should wear their seat belts as they were heading into some turbulence and for a time it became quite frightening as the plane shook and plunged up and down. Most of the passengers by this time were feeling very nervous and some were crying out with fear, however the little boy remained very calm and continued with his colouring book as if nothing was happening. At this point, the lady next to him leaned across and touching his hand she gently said, “Don’t be afraid, we will be all right.“ The little lad looked up from his book and said, “I'm not afraid, my dad’s the pilot flying this plane.”

Sometimes, in our own lives we will also encounter storms and turbulence and it is then that we should remember that God our Father is our pilot, guiding us safely through the good and bad times. It is then, that like the little boy, we should show the same faith as he did and put our trust in our Father to lead us to safety.

“The best way to enrich your knowledge and understanding of the mysteries of life is to be more inquisitive.
Ask as many questions as you like, but do not assume that you know all of the answers.”

Published Wed 3rd Sep 2014 15:15:29

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