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The Word This Week ~ 10 August 2014

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First Reading: 1 Kings 19-9, 11-13

We journey with Elijah, a man who is deeply depressed, alone, hunted by others and is hiding in a cave. He has journeyed for forty days into the desert and is hoping to find God! He has experiences many trials and tribulations that have brought him to this point in his journey. Now is the
moment of transformation, as God comes to EWlijah, neither in excitement or fear, but simply in the small gentleness of the breeze.

Second Reading: Romans 9:1-5

The author reminds his audience that he is speaking not of his own desire or will, but as one in union with Christ. The early Church has gathered momentum, different communities are expressing their faith in various ways; they now face the task of being truly united in Christ, he who is their foundation.

This offer is made to all God’s people, in particular those of the first covenant, those from whom Christ descended.

Gospel Reading: Matthew 14: 1322-33

Following from last week’s passage, we hear of Jesus leaving his disciples so that he might have time to pray! It is now night as the disciples try to battle their way against a heavy sea and strong winds. All seems lost as panic and terror invades the air and, as if to make things worse, a ghost is coming towards them! Jesus speaks with authority as he walks towards them on the water, calling out not to be afraid. Peter expresses the uncertainly, to which Jesus asks, “Man of little faith, why did you doubt?” The storm calms and the men bow down before Jesus, acknowledging that he is the Son of God. As nigh g=fades, day breaks because in their hour of need, Jesus has come to be with them. Truly a moment of consolation for the early Christian community in a time of persecution.

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