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“Here Is The News.”

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I'm sure we all have a set routine when we get up in the morning. If you are working, then you have a limited time to get ready and you are continually watching the clock to make sure you are not running late before dashing off.

When you are retired, the day usually starts at a more leisurely pace, its leap out of bed, open the curtains to check if it’s pouring down as usual, then into the bathroom for a quick shower before dressing and going downstairs to be greeted by the dog waiting to be let out. Then it’s on with the kettle for that delicious cup of tea whilst the toast is being prepared and then turn on the radio and if we are lucky there will be some soothing music to ease us gently into another day. But then comes those fateful words, “Here is the news,” from that moment on things seem to go downhill rapidly.

We are told of bombings in various countries, plane crashes, car crashes ferries sinking, rapes, murders, muggings and robberies on our streets and the fear of even more countries being armed with nuclear weapons, and we haven’t even finished our first piece of toast. After breakfast and feeling the need to cheer ourselves up, it’s take the dog for a walk and pop into our local newsagent’s for some more good news as we read the headlines that our Prime Minister understands our worries and concerns and is going to change everything if only we will vote for him at the next election: well that makes us all feel a lot safer as we walk home, perhaps to study our horoscopes.

Studying horoscopes is a regular part of many people’s daily routine, whether in the newspaper or on line on our computers, we are all fascinated by the future. Will we meet a tall dark handsome stranger who will change our lives forever? Are we going to find success and perhaps even a promotion at work? But there are also other times when we fear just what the future has in store for us. The future is always unknown and we fear that it will bring some unpleasant surprises. We may well feel happy and contented with our lives at present, but what about next week, next month or next year? Well, this is the point when our faith should kick in. God asks that we give him our future, our hopes and our fears in this rapidly changing world in which we live and in return he will give us his peace.

“God’s peace is a mighty fortress in which we are all well defended and safe against all hostile powers .It is not we who are to protect peace, but rather peace which is to protect us.”

Published Fri 6th Jun 2014 12:38:23

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