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Seeing Your Life Though the lens of the gospel ~ Matthew 28:16-20

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1. In parting with his disciples, Jesus gave them a mission for the future. Where, when and how did you get a sense of the meaning and purpose of your own life? How does that sustain you now? Is there any way in which that purpose ties in with the mission given to the eleven to spread the Good News?

2. Have there been occasions when you have been able to give others who were leaving you a message of hope, reassurance and direction?

3. Jesus told his disciples that although he would not be with them as in the past he would be with them in a new way right through their lives. Have there been times when you were reassured by the love and support of another even though s/he was not physically present with you?

4. Jesus promised to be with his disciples until the end of tome. It is a promise he would fulfil through the gift of the Holy Spirit. That promise is also to us. What helps you to be aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit with you on life’s journey?

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