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The Storms Of Life.

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Did you know that most small-plane crashes are not caused by mechanical failure, but by pilot error? In most cases the pilot was not “instrument rated,” so he had to depend on sight and senses. As long as the pilot can see roads, bridges and landmarks, then they can fly quite safely, but when the storm comes or the fog locks them in, then they’re in deep trouble. In their effort to steer around one storm, many pilots end up in another that’s even worse and the plane crashes. The “instrument rated” pilot can fly directly into the fogbank; he can be totally fogged in, but by using his instruments he can fly without fear of getting lost. But in order to do this he must have had many hours of training in simulated storm conditions. Then, trouble to him is just normal, as he has gone through this many times and knows just what to do in an emergency. He also knows how to use his radio and receive help from any nearby radar stations. He knows how to stay on the radio beams that are criss-crossing the skies, for his safety. The mountain that may suddenly loom up will have been spotted on the controller’s scope and the pilot advised how to go round it.

So the big question if you’re not a trained pilot is how we manage to navigate through all the storms and tribulations that life continually throws at us as we journey through uncharted territory in our day to day living? Most of us will find that we have lost our sense of direction because we have failed to listen to God’s word. We have been taught to trust God’s word regardless of what we see or feel, but we get discouraged and sometimes even blame God when things go wrong in our lives and can even be swallowed up in bitterness and resentment. God is our controller advising us of a safe route to take in our lives and Jesus is our radar beacon, always there at our side and offering advice through the scriptures on the best, but not always the easiest route we should be following as his

Everything you think affects your spirit, your mood and your ability to contribute to others, because it is hard to think love and hate at the same time, although both exist. Concentrate on loving thoughts and they will always lift you up.”

Published Fri 23rd May 2014 11:50:19

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