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Msg Paul Fisher - A Biography

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As I write this I am now beginning my second week in the parish of Blessed John Henry Newman. I have had a very warm welcome from all I have met and people have been extremely kind in helping me to unpack and settle in. This has made a big difference to my move. Everything is so much bigger here than in my previous parish and I know it will take time for us to get to know each other. However, as they say the longest journey starts with the first step! Last week was my first step and it was very pleasant. Iím still surrounded by boxes, I have the painters and decorators in and if I'm not mistaken the garden continues to grow. As autumn approaches maybe the plants and weeds will take a rest for a few months.

I've been asked to write a few words about myself as a way of introduction.

Briefly this is it. I originally come from Bradford, a place called Idle (which bodes well!). My parents, Maureen and Adrian, still live there and my siblings, Anthony with wife Net, Christopher, Margaret with husband John and Damian with partner Linda are all in or about Bradford.

I was ordained priest in July 1991 and my first appointment was at St. Joseph's in Pontefract. After three happy years there I was asked to embark on further studies before returning to the seminary I had spent six years in. At Ushaw College (sadly now closed) I taught church history and for my sins held the posts of Director of Studies and, for a while, Vice Rector (poacher turned game keeper or what?). I returned to the Diocese in 2003 and took up a new appointment as parish priest at St. Joseph's Batley Carr. I had ten very happy years there and also managed to pick up the extra roles of Episcopal Vicar for Outreach which includes Ecumenical Officer for the Diocese and oversight of Inter faith relations in the diocese. I also became the Director of Deacons.

As I begin my new appointment here at Blessed John Henry Newman and a new chapter begins in my life I thank God for all the experiences I have had in my priesthood thus far and for all the good people I have met. We are all trying in our own way to follow in the footsteps of the Lord.

May God Bless us All.

Mgr. Paul Fisher

Published Mon 12th May 2014 19:27:16

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