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Lenten Reflection

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I wear glasses and have done since I was about 15. Opticians recommend that we have our eyes tested at least once every two years. Since it had been about two years since my last check up, and my lenses were badly scratched, I decided to have my eyesight examined.

At the end of the examination the optician declared that my eyesight had not changed since the last time they were tested and simply suggested that I replaced the scratched lenses with some new ones.

My visit to the opticians, her remark about my eyesight not having changed in two years and my scratched lenses made me reflect on the other lenses in my life, the lenses through which I view myself and the world around me.

Television, radio, newspapers, books and the internet are obvious ones and powerful ones too. Through these lenses we receive most of our information. Gradually and often imperceptibly our opinions and values are formed through these lenses. Family is another lens. Advertising and peer pressure could also be added to the list. All these things and more shape the way we look at ourselves and the world.

Surely, from time to time, these lenses need to be tested too and changed if they are a little scratched. Are they giving me a true picture of life? Are the values and opinions which I now hold good ones? Do they contribute to my living a good life to the full? Or are they bringing me down?

As a follower of Christ, I'd like to say that I see the world, my life and experiences through the lens of Christ.
Sadly, this does not always happen but I do know from time to time I need to reach for a different pair of glasses, the lenses of the gospels and test my values against Christ's words and life, and see if I need a new prescription.

Happy Lent!
Mgr. Paul Fisher

Published Sat 10th May 2014 13:59:14

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