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The Word This Week ~ 6 April 2014

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First Reading: Exodus 37:12-14

This is one of the most powerful and dynamic passages from the prophet Ezekiel. The prophet confronts a people who dead and are not aware of their death.
Ezekielís calling them to life; his making them aware of their death is the beginning of the process of living fully. It is in this context that Jesus talks of raising the dead to new life. Jesus is so obviously moved and inspired by this great prophet.

Second Reading: Romans 8:8-11

The letter of Paul to the Romans touches on the very core of the spiritual life. The core of the spiritual life is the truth that the Spirit is dwelling within us. This self-same Spirit who raised Jesus from the dead is the Spirit that empowers all of us to rise from our own deaths. It is in fact fear and anxiety of life which robs us of our lives. It is fear and anxiety which makes us into the walking dead of Ezekiel and it is the Spirit who awakens us to walking in the light of life.

Gospel Reading: John 11:1-45

The account of Lazarus being raised from the dead continues the theme of power of the Spirit to give life and the power of God over death itself. It must be remembered that the greatest and most terrible death is not the death of the grave but the death of the heart while one is apparently still alive. The friends and apostles of Jesus had much yet to learn of the message he was offering them. They were still at the stage of wanting freedom from lifeís difficulties, even death itself, and not yet at the stage of wanting to able to live the fullness of life in the midst of lifeís afflictions.

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