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Seeing Your Life Though the lens of the gospel ~ John 11:1-45

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1. Martha and Mary were people of faith but Jesus led them to an even deeper faith. Who were the people who led you to a deeper faith in Jesus? Remember them and give thanks.

2. Martha and Mary were struggling to come to terms with bereavement. What has helped you in similar situations?

3. The concern of Jesus is palpable and touching. Recall those who matter to you and to whom you matter. Such love mediates Godís love, which surpasses human love with the gift of new life and Easter joy.

4. One can imagine Lazarus as a symbol of people and groups that are written off as dead (sometimes by themselves), and yet through faith come back to life again. Have you had the experience of being revived by faith? Has faith helped to free you from what held you in bondage, or was destructive of your life?

Published Fri 4th Apr 2014 10:52:45

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