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Are You A Saint – Or A Sinner?

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Do you know what the three C’s are? They stand for Courage, Compassion and Concern and we need to show all three of them as we go through life. We would be lost without courage – not only physical bravery, but the ability to stand up for what we feel is right and true. It is very easy to float with the stream of public opinion no matter how wrong we feel it to be. Then we have compassion and how valuable that is! We can help to bring consolation to the sufferer, comfort to the bereaved, the sick and the outcasts in our society. All men and women who have helped to make life better for others have been motivated by compassion and this has led to the third “C” – concern. It was genuine concern that prompted the great reformers of earlier times and there are similar people today, working for the poor and deprived. In our own small way we can help them- but only if we care enough to do something about it.

So the final question to ask is, are you a saint or a sinner?

When some fellow yields to temptation and breaks a conventional law
We don’t look for good in his make-up, but we always look for the flaw
No one asks who did the tempting, nor allows for the battles he’s fought
His name becomes food for the jackals, from the saints who have never been caught.

I’m a sinner O Lord and I know it, I am weak and I blunder and fail
I am tossed on life’s stormy oceans, like a ship that is caught in the gale
I am willing to trust to your mercy and to keep the commandments you taught
But deliver me Lord from the judgement, of the saints who have never been caught.

“There are no big events in our life that aren’t the result of a great many small happenings. Every single small thing you do builds and attaches itself to a bigger whole. By paying careful attention to each act we perform, we are living in a more loving and caring manner.”

Published Sun 23rd Mar 2014 14:39:42

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