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Seeing Your Life Though the lens of the gospels ~ Matthew 4:1-11

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1 In today’s Gospel Jesus is enticed to gratify his own needs, or to perform some spectacular act in public. He rejects the temptation because he chooses commitment to his mission and to dependence on his Father over any immediate gratification. We can all be tempted to go for some immediate
satisfaction … but is that where happiness lies? Have you found that sometimes there can be more contentment in saying “no” for the sake of some long term goal? What are the goals, aims, values which inspire you in this way?

2 One way of looking at this Gospel is to say that Jesus went into the desert to face his demons. We all have demons we need to face – compulsions, fears, prejudices, anger and urges that lurk within. It is in facing our demons that we find a way to live a fuller life. Can you recall a time when you grew through facing a “demon” in this way?

Published Fri 7th Mar 2014 12:16:42

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