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Seeing Your Life Through the lens of the gospels ~ Matthew 6: 24-34

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1 This passage has many beautiful images and encouraging words. Read it slowly and let the words and images speak to you.

2 We all worry, and possibly spend a lot of energy on needless worry. Often the things we worry about never happen. Behind much worry lies a lack of trust in ourselves, in others and in God. What has helped you to
develop the kind of trust that helps you to avoid excessive worrying?

3 One of the situations that can cause anxiety is when we have divided loyalties. “No one can be the slave to two masters”. A clear set of priorities can help us avoid this dilemma. What has helped you be clear in your own mind on where your priorities lie?

4 “Set your hearts on God’s kingdom first”. Has your faith in God helped you in times of anxiety? Your faith will not take away the problems but knowing that God is with you no matter what can make a difference. What is your experience of this?

Published Fri 28th Feb 2014 13:41:03

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