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Filtered Events List

Sat 14-12-2019 at 17:15 ~ Mary Higgins

Sun 15-12-2019 at 10:30 ~ Includes Children’s Liturgy Peter Kelly

Mon 16-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Tue 17-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Wed 18-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Thu 19-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Fri 20-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

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Filtered Events List

Sat 14-12-2019 at 12:15 ~ Patrick McDonnell

Sun 15-12-2019 at 08:15 ~ Grace Collins

Sun 15-12-2019 at 10:15 ~ Includes Children’s Liturgy - Mary Lupton

Sun 15-12-2019 at 18:00 ~ People of the Parish & Neil Wilson & Muriel & William Wison

Mon 16-12-2019 at 13:00 ~ Details Pending

Tue 17-12-2019 All Day ~ No Mass

Wed 18-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Thu 19-12-2019 All Day ~ No Mass

Fri 20-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Sat 21-12-2019 at 12:15 ~ Details Pending

Database Query 3

Filtered Events List

Sat 14-12-2019 at 18:30 ~ Nellie Doolan

Sun 15-12-2019 at 09:15 ~ Madge Illingworth

Mon 16-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Tue 17-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Wed 18-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Thu 19-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Fri 20-12-2019 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

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A Single Article, the most recent in a series.

November – Month of The Holy Souls

New white Envelopes for the November Dead List are available in each church porch.
Please return your envelope with the Family Name and donation in the envelopes.
Names will then be on a list and placed near the altar during November.

Sunday 10th November - Remembrance Day - Mass 10.15am Mass will be the Uniform Groups Parade.

Deanery Visit to Killingbeck Cemetery will be on Sunday 10th November at 2.30pm.

Memorial Masses for those who died in our parish during the year from November 18 - October 19 will be held in each church on the 17th November as follows:

9.15am St Gregory's
10.15am St Theresa's
10.30am Corpus Christi

Letters will be sent to all the next of kin inviting them to one of these Masses.


St Theresa's Scout Group Fund Raiser: St Theresa's Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are holding a Fund Raising Event on Sunday 10th November 2019 following their Remembrance Sunday Church Parade. They will be having a Table Top Sale, with Tea, Coffee, cake & buns also available. The sale will start at 11.15am and will be held in The Newman Centre main hall until 1pm. It is with your generous support that the uniformed groups have managed to keep going for so long. The money raised will go towards replacing much needed camping equipment and other essential kit needed to run a very successful Scout Group. We look forward to seeing many of you there on the day as always, and we Thank You in anticipation for your full support for this event.

Database Query 5

Another Single Article fix query


Loving Lord,

As we prepare for another parish ‘Big Get Together', we pray that Your Holy Spirit will be there to guide all who are working towards a happy family day where we can enjoy not only the celebration of Holy Mass but also the fellowship that comes when your people come together with a single purpose.

Jesus, we adore You.

Bless all children and their parents and carers as we play and pray together in our Church Family.

Jesus, we adore You.

May the single, elderly and infirm members of our parish be enabled to be involved in the day, sharing their life's experience and expertise and enriching the life of the parish.

Jesus, we adore You.

We thank You for the priests, deacons and religious working in the formation of each one of us through their pastoral work and teaching of the Faith. Encourage us to support them in a similar way.

Jesus, we adore You.

Blessed John Henry Newman.....pray for us
St. Gregory the Great...................pray for us
St. Theresa of Lisieux...................pray for us
All you angels and saints.............pray for us

Database Query 6

Pilgrim Prayer for the Year of the Word

Pilgrim God,
you walk alongside us
and speak to us throughout the Scriptures:
in the message of the prophets,
the songs of David
and the vision of Paul.
Your Son, Jesus Christ, listens to our hopes and fears
and shows us how to live:
in our love of neighbour
our desire for justice,
and in our dying and rising each day.
Send us the Holy Spirit to open our hearts and minds so that we may be your witnesses throughout the world:
in our protection of the vulnerable,
our words and actions
and in our communion with the earth.
V. Your word is our path and your truth is our light.
R. This day and every day.
Our Lady of the Annunciation
Pray for us
St Matthew
Pray for us
St Jerome
Pray for us

Children wanting to take part in the Christmas Eve Mass at St Gregory's 5:30pm Mass to contact Alison on her mobile 07964894730 with the name and age of the child , no later than Sunday 15th December.

Joyce Marshall & Family wish to thank all who contributed to the beautiful Requiem Mass for Deacon Tom. Thank you to all for being there and all the cards, Masses, prayers and love sent to me and our family at this special time. On Sunday Tom would have celebrated his Silver Jubilee as a Deacon of Diocese. May Tom rest in peace.

Children's Advent Masses: Thank you to everyone who came and made these masses a wonderful joyous way to start the season of Advent. Big thanks to all those children who volunteered to read and process in the offertory.

Diocesan & Other Notices


(Please note this notice is from Bishop Marcus.) In the next parliament, it is likely that there will be efforts to introduce changes to the law that would allow abortion on demand, for any reason, up to birth and that there will be further attempts to introduce assisted suicide. Whatever political party you may be considering voting for, please reflect on the importance of human life. Find out where your local political candidates stand on life issues - abortion and assisted suicide - by visiting If you use social media, please also consider sharing this campaign on your Facebook page or whatever social media platform you use. Draft flyers are also available from: Thank you. A statement has been issued by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales on the General Election which there is a copy available for parishioners to take in the porch or you can visit it online at: Thank you. + Marcus

PAID WORK OPPORTUNITY WITH THE J&P COMMISSION: Do you want to make the world a better place? Do you have the time and skills to help the Commission in its work of celebrating what people do about social justice issues across the Leeds Diocese and to build awareness of what more people could do? We need one or two self-employed people who are available, on a flexible basis, to do in the region of 500 hours of work per annum. Please email for a set of the Terms of Reference detailing out the activities that we need doing or see the home page of our website - Closing date: 18th December 2019.

CARITAS LEEDS: CAROLS FOR ALL: Saturday 14th December 2019, 3.00pm at Leeds Cathedral, Great George Street, Leeds LS2 8BE. Prepared by Caritas Leeds Disabilities and Dementia Groups. Featuring the students from Holy Rosary and St. Anne's Catholic Primary School. Refreshments will be served afterwards at Wheeler Hall. For further information, please contact Rev. Dr. Joseph Cortis (Co-ordinator for Caritas Leeds) on:

DAY OF RECONCILIATION AT LEEDS CATHEDRAL: Thursday 19th December 2019. Confessions will be available from 7.00am until 7.00pm.

Database Query 7

Single Article
Prepare the way for Christ's birth - Setting up the Crib in our 3
Churches as follows:
8th December - Add an animal
15th December - Add the remaining animals
22nd December - Add Mary & Joseph
Christmas Eve Masses = Add the infant Christ

Newman Weekly Draw - 12/20
£25 - 191 - M McDonnell - Hawkhills
£10 - 054 - C Neeson - Templegates
£5 - 023 - H Duffield - Birchfields
£5 - 405 - M Flynn - Sherburns
£5 - 009 - D O'Gorman - Kennerleigh

Advent Day by Day booklets on sale £1 each.

Happy Birthday to Betty Norwell who celebrates her 100th birthday on the 8th December. God Bless You.

Filipino Choir will be at St Gregory's 9.15am Mass on Sunday 15th December.

General Election Hustings 2019
The planned Hustings arranged for Sunday 8th December at St Wilfrid's CHURCH has been cancelled due to some parties unable to attend. Apologies for any inconvenience.

The God Who Speaks - Year of the Word
Fancy an Advent Faith-Lift?

The God Who Speaks: Year of the Word has begun! A Bible reflection ("Lectio Divina") group will meet each Friday evening for 45minutes during Advent. The second session will be led by Deacon Henry and will meet on 13th December in the Newman Lounge 7pm-7.45pm

Parish Office will be closed on Wednesday & Thursday 11th & 12th December and reopen on Friday afternoon

The Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal are in need of a chest freezer: The sisters serve a number of families at Christmas time and receive donated turkeys. Because of this generosity they need a freezer to safely store the turkeys until they can be given out. It would be helpful to have a donated freezer that could store at least 10 turkeys. Please contact Sr. Faustina on 0113 2350573 as soon as possible. Thank you and have a Blessed Advent.

SVP Says thank you - Many thanks indeed for your most generous second collection. Your offering will make a difference to a lot of families this Christmas. We would still very much like to receive Christmas presents for all ages along with your usual food and clothing. If wrapped please indicate boy or girl and age suitable for. Thank you very much. If anyone might be interested in joining us please enquire through Mary in the parish office. Happy Christmas and a Good New Year.

Counters Rota: for 2020 available to collect from the parish office.

St. Theresa's Church Cleaners - Team C - 13th December

Database Query 8

Single Article
Please pray for the repose of:
Irene Rawson, Brian Knaggs, Monsignor Anthony Boylan, Hannah McNulty, John Joe McNulty, who have died recently and Paddy Gibbons, John Michael Egan, Joe Driscoll, David Stead, Lily Loftus, Terence & Bridgett Fitzpatrick, Vincent & Anne Marocco, Grace Collins, whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Please Pray for All Who Are Sick, including:
Sr. Millie (Peru), John Bettison Jnr, Joan Brown, Rose Bulmer, Tony Chana, Joan Corcoran, Sheila Cornick, Mary Cohen, Denis Connolly, John (Sean) Craig, Claire Crook, Joan Cuthbertson, Nora Davey, Julie Digings, Brian Dickinson, Michael Foy, Ted Fryer, Claire Gaffney, Mary Gaughan, Jason Grudzien, Peter Hanlon, Barbara Hayes, Shirley Heselton, Joan Hill, Don Holdsworth, Kathleen Howley, Doris & Les Kelly, Thomas Cole Kelly, Marjory Levin, Pat Lusardi, Paul Mallinson, Matteo Manfredini, Billie Marginson, Mary McCann, Megan McDonnell, Jean McGuire, Emma Mather, Angela Murphy, Molly Neal, John Newton, Tatiana Nicholas, Beryl Oakes, Brenda O'Gorman, Sue Parry, Alison Pegg, Terry Pickles, Jimmy Pitts, Deacon Sean Quigley, Lynne Ramsden, Bernard Robinson, Elijah Robinson (Baby), Margaret Royston, Andrea Ruck, Danny Scott, Barbara Slinger, Patricia Spencer, Sylvia Spencer, Derek Shotton, Scott Summers Jnr., Marguerita Toth, Deborah Tree, Pauline Wagstaff, Pat Walker, Effie Wallis, Jim Walsh, Maureen Walsh, June Watson, Ann Wilkin, Eileen Winn.

Mass intentions received
For the Lately Deceased:

Hannah McNulty x 2 Mass, Brian Knaggs x 4 Masses, John Joe & Hannah McNulty

For Anniversaries:
Zena Sheehy, Charlie McLaughlin, Bridgett Thompson, Terence & Bridgett Fitzpatrick, Brendan Fitzgerald, Lily Loftus

For Other Intentions:
Lillian Driscoll Birthday, Tommy Waite Christmas Memories, Kenneth Keeling Birthday Memories, Sean Sweeney Christmas Memories, Nancy McDonnell Birthday (June), Patrick McDonnell Birthday memories.

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St. Theresa's Catholic Primary School Visited 462 Times
St. Theresa's Catholic Primary School is a Catholic primary school in Crossgates, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It serves the Parish of St. Theresa and the Parish of Blessed John Henry Newman - Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

Corpus Christi Catholic College Visited 361 Times
Corpus Christi Catholic College

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Visited 269 Times
Corpus Christi Primary School is a Catholic school serving the southern part of the Parish of Blessed John Henry Newman, Leeds.

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