The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

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Filtered Events List

Sat 04-07-2020 ~ Mass in Private ~ Susannah McDaid

Sun 05-07-2020 ~ Mass in Private ~ Betty, Douglas & Andrew Fletcher

Sun 05-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ CHURCH OPEN FOR PRIVATE PRAYER

Mon 06-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ Doors Open 9:00am Close at 11:00am - November Dead List

Tue 07-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ Doors Open 9:00am Close at 11:00am - Waite Family

Wed 08-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ Doors Open 9:00am Close at 11:00am - November Dead List

Thu 09-07-2020 at 19:00 ~ Doors Open 6:30pm Close at 8:00pm - Jim McManamon 100th birthday

Database Query 2

Filtered Events List

Sat 04-07-2020 ~ Mass in Private ~ Ann Gibbons

Sat 04-07-2020 at 08:30 ~ CHURCH OPEN FOR PRIVATE PRAYER

Sun 05-07-2020 ~ Mass in Private ~ People of the Parish

Sun 05-07-2020 at 08:30 ~ CHURCH OPEN FOR PRIVATE PRAYER

Mon 06-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ Doors Open 9:00am Close at 11:00am - Andrea Ruck

Tue 07-07-2020 at 19:00 ~ Doors Open 6:30pm Close at 8:00pm - November Dead List

Wed 08-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ Doors Open 9:00am Close at 11:00am - Joe Melvin

Thu 09-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ Doors Open 9:00am Close at 11:00am - Clare & Mary L’Amie

Fri 10-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ Doors Open 9:00am Close at 11:00am - November Dead List

Sat 11-07-2020 at 12:15 ~ Doors Open 11:45am Close at 1:15pm - Brenda Aylward

Database Query 3

Filtered Events List

Sat 04-07-2020 ~ Mass in Private ~ Martin Gaughan

Sun 05-07-2020 ~ Mass in Private ~ Sue Driscoll

Sun 05-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ CHURCH OPEN FOR PRIVATE PRAYER

Mon 06-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ Doors Open 9:00am Close at 11:00am - Priests Private Intention

Tue 07-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ Doors Open 9:00am Close at 11:00am - Priests Private Intention

Wed 08-07-2020 at 19:00 ~ Doors Open 6:30pm Close at 8:00pm - Priests Private Intention

Thu 09-07-2020 at 09:30 ~ Doors Open 9:00am Close at 11:00am - November Dead List

Database Query 4

A Single Article, the most recent in a series.

November – Month of The Holy Souls

New white Envelopes for the November Dead List are available in each church porch.
Please return your envelope with the Family Name and donation in the envelopes.
Names will then be on a list and placed near the altar during November.

Sunday 10th November - Remembrance Day - Mass 10.15am Mass will be the Uniform Groups Parade.

Deanery Visit to Killingbeck Cemetery will be on Sunday 10th November at 2.30pm.

Memorial Masses for those who died in our parish during the year from November 18 - October 19 will be held in each church on the 17th November as follows:

9.15am St Gregory's
10.15am St Theresa's
10.30am Corpus Christi

Letters will be sent to all the next of kin inviting them to one of these Masses.


St Theresa's Scout Group Fund Raiser: St Theresa's Beavers, Cubs and Scouts are holding a Fund Raising Event on Sunday 10th November 2019 following their Remembrance Sunday Church Parade. They will be having a Table Top Sale, with Tea, Coffee, cake & buns also available. The sale will start at 11.15am and will be held in The Newman Centre main hall until 1pm. It is with your generous support that the uniformed groups have managed to keep going for so long. The money raised will go towards replacing much needed camping equipment and other essential kit needed to run a very successful Scout Group. We look forward to seeing many of you there on the day as always, and we Thank You in anticipation for your full support for this event.

Database Query 5

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Loving Lord,

As we prepare for another parish ‘Big Get Together', we pray that Your Holy Spirit will be there to guide all who are working towards a happy family day where we can enjoy not only the celebration of Holy Mass but also the fellowship that comes when your people come together with a single purpose.

Jesus, we adore You.

Bless all children and their parents and carers as we play and pray together in our Church Family.

Jesus, we adore You.

May the single, elderly and infirm members of our parish be enabled to be involved in the day, sharing their life's experience and expertise and enriching the life of the parish.

Jesus, we adore You.

We thank You for the priests, deacons and religious working in the formation of each one of us through their pastoral work and teaching of the Faith. Encourage us to support them in a similar way.

Jesus, we adore You.

Blessed John Henry Newman.....pray for us
St. Gregory the Great...................pray for us
St. Theresa of Lisieux...................pray for us
All you angels and saints.............pray for us

Database Query 6

Bishop Marcus continues to celebrate Mass from Leeds Cathedral by live-streaming the 11am Mass on Sunday Morning. To participate online, please access the following YouTube channel which will be live each day. and may also be accessed via a link embedded on the Cathedral's home page:

Bishop Marcus is pleased to introduce Hymns at Home: One Diocese, Many Voices. The ‘Songs of Praise Big Sing'-style video will be premiered simultaneously across Diocese of Leeds YouTube channels on Sunday 12 July at 3pm. Tune in to
to join in with well-known Catholic hymns subtitled on screen for everyone to sing along at home, interspersed with prayers and reflections. Raising our voices in song is an important part of worship, as well as good for our well-being. So until we're able to sing in our churches again, let's gather together from our own homes in prayer and praise!

Mass for the Sick and their Families, NHS Front-Line workers and those working in Social Care. These will continue every Thursday at 7.00pm until 9th July. The next 2 are as follows:
at 7.00pm until 9 July. The next Mass is:
9th July Bishop Tom Williams Metropolitan Cathedral of Liverpool

Bishops Conference Webpage ( links for the live-streaming of these Masses can be found.

Database Query 7

Single Article
With effect from Monday 6th July we are opening our 3 churches for Mass.
Our churches are restricted to the number of people in church for each Mass as follows:

St Theresa's 43
Corpus Christi 40
St Gregory's 28

The Sunday obligation is still suspended allowing you to attend a Mass during the week not just Sunday.
We MUST practise the 2m social distancing at all times. You will be asked to sanitise your hands on entry and departing the church. Masks do not have to be worn but the choice is yours.
Stewards will be on duty at the church doors and will then sanitise all areas when people leave the church.
We will be having additional Masses from our usual schedule. This will mean more morning Masses available during the week and one evening Mass at each church during the week.
Our Sunday Masses will remain at the same times as previous.


Initially until we understand and work out the safety procedures for Mass we
will NOT require the following:
  • Sacristans
  • Servers

During the Mass again for everyone's safety there will be:

Also there will be no access to the following:

BUT there will be basket for your offertory collection as you enter church instead of the bag passing between the congregations.

Holy Communion under one kind will be distributed at the end of Mass before you leave the church to avoid crossing other parishioners. This will be explained before Mass.

For half an hour after each weekday Mass there will be an opportunity for Confession. This will be in a private area within the body of the church. (This includes Saturday lunchtime)

The churches will then close at 11am (weekday) and 1.15pm (Saturday) for cleaning until the following day.

To attend a Saturday vigil and Sunday Mass at any of our churches with effect from 11th - 12th July and thereafter you MUST book a place by ringing 01132645260 any weekday morning or email
Your name and contact details will be recorded and retained for 3 weeks and then destroyed.

If you wish to help with stewarding please contact the Parish Office on 0113 2645260 any weekday morning or email as above.

Corpus Christi:
Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Friday Masses at 9.30am
Thursday evening Mass at 7.00pm
Weekend Saturday vigil Mass 5.15pm - Sunday 10.30am

St Gregory's:

Monday - Tuesday - Thursday - Friday Masses at 9.30am
Wednesday evening Mass at 7.00pm
Weekend Saturday vigil Mass 6.30pm - Sunday 9.15am

St Theresa's:
Monday - Wednesday - Thursday - Friday Masses at 9.30am
Tuesday evening Mass at 7.00pm
Saturday 12.15pm
Sunday 8.15am and 10.15am and 6.00pm

The Masses from the Cathedral will continue to be live streamed each day.

Second collection as laid down by the Diocese for Apostleship of the sea weekend 11 th / 12th July

Hughes Chapel Service for Bernadette Milkeen Friday 10th July - FAMILY ONLY

LIVING FAITH - booklet for July - September available in the office at a cost of £1

Holy Ground leaflet for July / August available from the parish office or on line

Happy 100th Birthday to Jim McManamon on 9th July

St Gregory's Credit Union:

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, there will be no collection points open (including the office) until it is safe to do so. This will be reviewed regularly and updates printed here.

In the meantime, from Monday 6th July, there will be a secure drop-off point for Credit Union Members in the Parish Office at the Newman Centre between 9am - 1pm Monday to Friday.
Please be advised the Parish Office Administrator will not be able to assist you with any Credit Union related queries. Should you have an urgent query or request, please telephone 07761 081338, leave a message and someone will get back to you.

SVP Food Bank the food banks are always looking for food. Please continue to bring your donations to the parish office any weekday morning. Let me know you are here and the bag can then be dropped at the door if you don't want to come. Cash donations are also welcome. Thank you for your continued generous support.

Sunday Service on local radio Chapel FM


Database Query 8

Single Article
Please pray for the repose of
John Bettison Jnr, Maureen Fisher, Bernadette Mulkeen and Mary Orange who have died recently and Shawn Willetts, Joe Melvin, Clare & Mary L;Amie, John Craven and Paul Heffron whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Please Pray for All Who Are Sick, including:
Sr. Millie (Peru), Sara Bakal, Joan Brown, Tony Chana, Joan Corcoran, Sheila Cornick, Mary Cohen, Claire Crook, Joan Cuthbertson, Nora Davey, Julie Diggings, Brian Dickinson, Tony Evans, Mary Gill, Jason Grudzien, Peter Hanlon, Mary Hartley, Barbara Hayes, Eileen Heaney, Shirley Heselton, Betty Hindley, Don Holdsworth, Kathleen Howley, Lily Howley, Doris & Les Kelly, Thomas Cole Kelly, Pat Lusardi, Paul Mallinson, Matteo Manfredini, Billie Marginson, Mary McCann, Megan McDonnell, Jean McGuire, Emma Mather, Angela Murphy, Carole Naughton, Molly Neal, John Newton, Tatiana Nicholas, Betty Norwell, Beryl Oakes, Brian O'Boyle, Brenda O'Gorman, Sue Parry, Alison Pegg, Terry Pickles, Jimmy Pitts, Lynne Ramsden, John Ratcliffe, Elijah Robinson (Baby), John Robinson, Margaret Royston, Danny Scott, Leslie Scott, Barbara Slinger, Patricia Spencer, Sylvia Spencer, Derek Shotton, Scott Summers Jnr., Marguerita Toth, Deborah Tree, Pauline Wagstaff, , Effie Wallis, Jim Walsh, Maureen Walsh, Denis Waite, Eileen Winn, Valarie Wright.

Mass intentions received
For the Lately Deceased:

Sean Craig, Francis Gregoire

For Anniversaries:
Joe Melvin, Philomena Prendergast, Martin Fleming

For Other Intentions:
Patrick Howley Birthday memories, Jim McManamon 100th Birthday

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St. Theresa's Catholic Primary School Visited 484 Times
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Corpus Christi Catholic College Visited 373 Times
Corpus Christi Catholic College

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Visited 278 Times
Corpus Christi Primary School is a Catholic school serving the southern part of the Parish of Blessed John Henry Newman, Leeds.

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