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Filtered Events List

Thu 13-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ Noreen & Michael Haswell

Fri 14-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ No Mass

Sat 15-12-2018 at 17:15 ~ Brian Atkin

Sun 16-12-2018 at 10:30 ~ Monsignor Philip Holroyd

Mon 17-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Tue 18-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Wed 19-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Database Query 2

Filtered Events List

Thu 13-12-2018 All Day ~ No Mass

Fri 14-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ Requiem Mass for Salvatore Minervini

Sat 15-12-2018 at 12:15 ~ Nora Ware

Sun 16-12-2018 at 08:15 ~ People of the Parish

Sun 16-12-2018 at 10:15 ~ Mary Higgin

Sun 16-12-2018 at 18:00 ~ Paddy Greene

Mon 17-12-2018 at 13:00 ~ Details Pending

Tue 18-12-2018 All Day ~ No Mass

Wed 19-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Thu 20-12-2018 All Day ~ No Mass

Database Query 3

Filtered Events List

Thu 13-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ Teresa Kennedy

Fri 14-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ Johnny & Angela Murphy

Sat 15-12-2018 at 18:30 ~ Jean Cleary

Sun 16-12-2018 at 09:15 ~ Mary McAulay

Mon 17-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Tue 18-12-2018 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Wed 19-12-2018 All Day ~ No Mass

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Man’s Best Friend

They say that the British are a nation of pet lovers. I have had dogs for about thirty years and since my wife died I have found my dog to be a wonderful companion and friend. One of my neighbours is a cat lover as he said they don't need walks and are very independent creatures.

Today's story is all about a man looking for pet that doesn't need a lot of looking after. So one day he visited his local pet shop to see what was on offer. Looking around he saw rabbits, mice and various other animals in cages, then his eyes alighted on a colourful parrot looking directly at him with its head on one side. He thought this is just what I am looking for and asked the pet shop owner, "Does this parrot talk? "Never stops talking," said the pet shop owner. "Well he hasn't spoken while I've been here," said the man. "That's because he's a bit shy, when you get him home he'll soon start talking" replied the shop owner. The man took the bird home, but returned to the shop three weeks later, "This parrot still doesn't talk," said the man. The shop owner said he was probably bored, buy him a swing and he will soon perk up.

Two weeks later the man again visited the pet shop, "This parrot still isn't speaking" he said. The man in the shop said, "Oh! I know what's wrong with him, parrots are like budgies, they like to look at themselves all of the time, so buy him a mirror and he'll spend all day looking at himself and talking away."

Three weeks later the man returns to the shop and states, "That parrot you sold me has just died." "I'm sorry to hear that," said the shop owner. "As a matter of interest did it ever say anything before it died?" the man looked at him for a moment and replied, "Yes, just before it fell off his perch and died the parrot uttered these immortal words, "Doesn't that pet shop you keep going back and forward too, sell any bird food?".

Jesus said," I am the bread of life; he who believes in me shall never die."

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Another Single Article fix query


Loving Lord,

As we prepare for another parish ‘Big Get Together', we pray that Your Holy Spirit will be there to guide all who are working towards a happy family day where we can enjoy not only the celebration of Holy Mass but also the fellowship that comes when your people come together with a single purpose.

Jesus, we adore You.

Bless all children and their parents and carers as we play and pray together in our Church Family.

Jesus, we adore You.

May the single, elderly and infirm members of our parish be enabled to be involved in the day, sharing their life's experience and expertise and enriching the life of the parish.

Jesus, we adore You.

We thank You for the priests, deacons and religious working in the formation of each one of us through their pastoral work and teaching of the Faith. Encourage us to support them in a similar way.

Jesus, we adore You.

Blessed John Henry Newman.....pray for us
St. Gregory the Great...................pray for us
St. Theresa of Lisieux...................pray for us
All you angels and saints.............pray for us

Database Query 6

On sale today is the new Diocesan Year Book 2019. (Previously known as the directory). This year they are all spiral bound and cost £4.00

Advent Retreats for Readers & Extraordinary Ministers 8th December Corpus Christi or 15th December St Gregory's 9.15am to 11.45am Given by Henry Longbottom our Seminarian - Full programme on the notice board.
All should have received a letter inviting you to this retreat. If you have NOT had your letter please contact the Parish office? Please let the office know
which day you can attend.

Tea & Coffee at Corpus Christi after the 10.30am on Sunday 9th December to celebrate Betty Norwell's 99th Birthday.

CORPUS CHRISTI CATHOLIC COLLEGE ADMISSION 2020 CONSULTATION - Parent/carers/parishioners are encouraged to review the proposed changes to the College Admissions Policy for the academic year 2020. All details can be found on the College website - . The consultation period will last for a total of 6 weeks, commencing Monday 19 November and ending Monday 24
December 2018.

Leeds Male Voice Choir: perform "The Spirit of Christmas" Saturday 15th December at Leeds Cathedral. See poster for more details.

Holy Ground leaflet for December in the church porch.

HANDMAIDS WOMEN'S PRAYER MEETING: Friday 7th December from 7:00 - 8:30pm at Corpus Christi Church, Neville Road, Leeds LS9 0HD. Led by the Franciscan Sisters of Renewal. For more information please call 0113 2350573.

November Dead List Masses - Over the coming year 149 Masses will be said for the intention of Families, Relatives & Friends on the November Dead List.

Second collection as laid down by the Diocese for Diocese of Leeds Peru Commission Advent Collection THIS WEEKEND 1st & 2nd December for our priests and sisters out in the shanty towns of Lima & Northern Peru. Donations are
used well in parishes and where it is needed to improve health, educational and living opportunities of the people of Peru.

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School is holding three tours for prospective parents during the application process on the following dates:
Monday 10th December at 2.30pm
Tuesday 11th December at 9.15am
Tuesday 8th January 2019 at 9.15am
These tours are by appointment only so please phone the school on 248 3095 to book your place. We look forward to welcoming interested parents to visit the school.

Christi Catholic Primary School has two vacancies for Learning Support Assistants (both full and part-time).
Please see

Newman Weekly Draw 10/20

£25 040 B England Austhorpe
£10 261 J McHugh Whitebridge
£ 5 285 P Taylor William's
£ 5 345 J Smith Field Ends
£ 5 167 A Wilkin Kennerleigh's

Leeds Palestinian Film Festival: from 8th November to 11th December. See leaflet on the notice board for the various venues and films.

Leeds Diocesan Trust - Report & Consolidated Financial Statements copies available in the porch.

VACANCY - Financial Accountant based at Hinsley Hall. A good allrounder
to work in a small Finance Team providing financial and administrative support across our Diocese. Please contact for a job description or the parish office.

HANDEL'S MESSIAH Saturday 16th December, 3pm, Leeds Cathedral.
Information and tickets (£10) visit Poster in church porch.

Down Memory Lane Café for families affected by Dementia on the 1st Wednesday of each month starting 5th December run by Wm Dodgsons at Lupton Ave. See poster for more details

Database Query 7

Single Article
Parish Pastoral Council

Marion Waller (St Gregory's) and Moira Wager (Corpus Christi) are due to step down after serving for 3 years. Both have only completed one term and have both agreed to stand for reelection.

Nominations are required from St Gregory's & Corpus Christi Churches to represent the individual church on the council. The PPC meets 6 times a year and once for a Reflection & prayer evening followed by a social.

Nominations are required in writing giving the person's name, address and telephone number together with your name as nominator. These must be forwarded to the parish office by the 9th December. The nominee must be willing to serve on the council. If more nominations are received than are required then a vote will be taken in the relevant church. Voting will be 5th / 6th January 2019.

Please consider giving some time to your Parish and help to develop it for the future.

URGENT! - St Theresa's Girl Guide unit urgently require new volunteer leaders. The Guide unit which meets in the Newman centre every Tuesday, term time only, will close at Christmas if new volunteer leaders cannot be found. Training & support will be provided. Please contact Jackie mob: 07425141833 with any enquiries.

Advent 2018

Prepare the way for Christ's birth - Setting up the Crib in our 3 Churches as follows:
2nd December Set up the stable ONLY,
9th December Add an animal
16th December Add the remaining animals
23rd December Add Mary & Joseph
Christmas Eve Masses Add the infant Christ

Churches Together Advent Service 2nd December TODAY at Christ Church Halton at 4pm

Reconciliation (Confession) Saturday's 8th - 15th - 22nd December there will be 2 priests hearing confessions at St Theresa's at the usual time of 11.00am - 12 noon.

Carol Service 16th December at St Theresa's Church at 3.00pm followed by refreshments at 4pm

Reconciliation Service in St Theresa's Church on Tuesday 18th December at 7.00pm - There will be 4 priests hearing Confession

Christmas Mass times

Christmas Eve - Monday
5.00pm Corpus Christi Church - Family Christmas Mass
5.30 pm St Gregory's Church - Family Christmas Mass
11.30 pm St Theresa's Carols followed by Midnight Mass

Christmas Day Masses - Tuesday
8.15 am St Theresa's
9.15 am St Gregory's
10.15am St Theresa's
10.30 am Corpus Christi

Advent at Home: Booklets available in church porch. A guide through the season of Advent. Please take one. (FREE)

DAY BY DAY ADVENT BOOKS - a small book with readings and Prayers for everyday during Advent on sale on the piety stall priced £1 each

DEMENTIA FRIENDLY CHRISTMAS CAROL SERVICE on Saturday 8th December 2018 at 3:00pm at Leeds Cathedral.
Please see poster for full details.

Christmas gifts with a difference. CAFOD's World Gifts catalogue available in each church. Please pick up a copy

SVP Food Bank: Christmas items are in the shops. If you can spare a little to purchase some special food item for Christmas and drop it into the food bank box in church it will help those in need. Thank you.

Choir Practice Tuesday 11th December & Monday 17th December: for anyone interested in singing at any of the Christmas Services. Practice in St Theresa's Church at 7pm.

Thursday 20th December There will be confessions at St Anne's Cathedral from 7.00am - 7.00pm. See poster in church

Live Crib at Corpus Christi Church on Saturday 22nd December at 2pm.

Don't forget to save your used postage stamps from all your cards.

St Theresa's Church Cleaners: Team B 7th December.

Database Query 8

Single Article
Please pray for the repose of
Thomas McDonnell, Danny McGee, Dawn Hyland, Peggy O'Sullivan, Lawrence McCormick, Maria Regan, Salvatore Minervini, James Gerard Read, Greta Read and Mary Ann Nihill, who has died recently and for Grace Collins, Joe Driscoll and Nora Ware whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Mass Intentions received:
For Lately Deceased:

Danny McGee, Dawn Hyland, Pauline Archer, Peggy O'Sullivan, Lawrence McCormick

For Anniversaries:
Bridget Thompson, Anthony Duffy

For other Intentions:
Terry Caine Birthday memories, Holy Souls, Maureen & Eugene O'Connor Christmas Blessings, Danny Sick

Please Pray for All Who Are Sick, including,
Sr. Millie (Peru), John Bettison Jnr, Angela Black, Patrick Bradley Snr., Joan Brown, Rose Bulmer, Eileen Caine, Percy Cartwright, Joan Corcoran, Sheila Cornick, Mary Cohen, Maureen Craggs, Claire Crook, Nora Davey, Jack Denison, Julie Digings, Michael Foy, Ted Fryer, Claire Gaffney, Mary Gaughan, Betty Gregory, Peter Hanlon, Josh Harland, Barbara Hayes, Shirley Heselton, Kathleen Howley, Madge Illingworth, Maise Kenna, Kenneth William Keeling, Margaret Kelly, Thomas Cole Kelly, Maria Longfellow, Marjory Levin, Pat & Oresti Lusardi, Billie Marginson, Anita Mason, Mary McCann, Megan McDonnell (8yrs old), Jean McGuire, Sean McHale, Emma Mather, Paul Moran, Teresa Moses, Molly Neal, John Newton, Beryl Oakes, Brenda O'Gorman, Terry Pickles, Francisco Reyes, Elijah Robinson (Baby), Godfrey (Robby) Robinson, Sylvia Spencer, Cynthia Stephens, Scott Summers Jnr. (2years old), Marguerita Toth, Deborah Tree, Pat Walker, Effie Wallis, Jim Walsh, Maureen Walsh, June Watson, Eileen Winn.

New names will be added in alphabetical order and highlighted for the first week.

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St. Theresa's Catholic Primary School Visited 420 Times
St. Theresa's Catholic Primary School is a Catholic primary school in Crossgates, Leeds, West Yorkshire, England. It serves the Parish of St. Theresa and the Parish of Blessed John Henry Newman - Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.

Corpus Christi Catholic College Visited 352 Times
Corpus Christi Catholic College

Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School Visited 248 Times
Corpus Christi Primary School is a Catholic school serving the southern part of the Parish of Blessed John Henry Newman, Leeds.

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Leeds Diocesan Youth Service Visited 151 Times
Services, retreats, events, and inspiration for young Catholics in the Diocese of Leeds.

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