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Be Prepared.

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All though we may not always realise it, the foreground of our lives usually depends on our background.

When we sit down to watch television and relax in the evening, do we ever stop to think of all the hard work and thought that has been put into the programme? The script writers, the actors, the scenery, the lighting and the actual recording, all are essential for the perfect mix and an enjoyable programme for us all. A fulfilled life too, has to be well thought out, as most things are only achieved successfully if they are well thought out and prepared in advance. A marathon runner for example will spend a lot of preparation in getting himself perfectly fit for the event, well before the actual race takes place. Musicians playing in a major orchestra, don’t just turn up on the night and surprise us all with their skills, no, they spend many days rehearsing and practising the pieces they will be playing in the concert.

Another famous man who liked to be prepared for all eventualities was Lieutenant General Robert Baden-Powell. He was an accomplished soldier, who distinguished himself during the Boer war and afterwards went on to achieve many things including the founding of the Scout Movement. He always wrote and spoke about the importance of being prepared for the unexpected event. This of course went on to become the motto of the Scout Movement, “Be Prepared.” The General realised that being prepared for the small things in life, would lead youngsters to practice the habit consistently, to meet the many challengers that he knew life would throw at them all in the future.

Jesus also tells us to be prepared:
“You too, then, must stand ready, as the Son of Man
will come at an hour when you are not expecting him.”

Published Fri 7th Feb 2014 14:38:24

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