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No Room At The Inn.

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The year has flown by as they always do, a year filled with happiness for some of us and sadness for others and once again we are preparing ourselves for Christmas and celebrating the birth of Christ.

The night Jesus was born we are told there was no room for his family at the inn in Bethlehem and so they were consigned to a humble stable. Although times have changed, human nature certainly hasn't and if Christ was born into our world today, he would find that there is still no room for him at the Inn. If Jesus was born today he would find that he would be more seen and accepted by the poor and needy of this world rather than the rich and powerful in our society today. It always seems much more difficult for those with power and influence to turn away from their lifestyles of
selfishness and greed to make a place of welcome in their hearts for the little Christ child. Jesus was born out of town, in a barn that sheltered animals, far removed from the centre of power, pomp and prestige and all that seems important to us, as we climb the greasy ladder of success.

We all wish each other a “Happy Christmas” every year, but happiness is only a small part of the Christmas message. God loved the world so much that he sent his only son to save us all from sin and as God’s children he loves us all. Jesus told us to “Love one another, as I have loved you,” So perhaps the missing word in our Christmas greetings may well be “Love.” We all show love to our family and friends, but perhaps at this time of the year we must also show our love to those less fortunate than ourselves, as we gather together to celebrate his birth.

Light looked down and beheld Darkness “Thither I will go,” said light.
Peace looked down and beheld War “Thither I will go,” said peace.
Love looked down and beheld hatred “Thither I will go,” said love

So came light and Shone
So came peace and gave Rest
And so came Love and brought Life
And the Word was made Flesh and dwelt among us.

Published Fri 20th Dec 2013 18:33:34

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