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Modern Technology.

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The mobile phone is either a blessing in an emergency or an absolute pain if everywhere you go people spend all their time in loud conversations, or texting without looking where they are going. To the more mature of us they can be a challenge and although I do possess a mobile, I prefer to send e-mails rather than text in the street.

This week’s story is about an elderly couple who refused to embrace technology, telling their daughter, “The phone we have at home has worked well all these years so why do we need another one.” Their daughter persevered and one Christmas she bought a mobile phone for each of them and spent some time explaining how to use them. Her father wasn't that bothered
but her mother took to it like a duck to water and thought it was fantastic being able to phone people from anywhere in the house. A few months went by and her father said to his daughter, “Your mother is driving me mad, I can’t get away, she phones me if I'm in the garage seeing to the car, hiding in the garden, or even when I go for a pint, after ten minutes she phones telling me how much she loves and misses me.” His daughter said, I’ll show you both how to send texts then when she contacts you, you won’t have to answer straight away”. Again, her mother thought this was wonderful and couldn't wait to send her husband a text. A few days later she was having lunch with her friend when she realised that she hadn't spoken to her husband for three whole hours. Grabbing her mobile phone she sent the following text: - “My Darling, If you are sleeping, send me your dreams, if you are laughing, send me your smile, if you are eating, send me a bite, if you are drinking, send me a sip, if you are crying, send me your tears. I love you so very much....Vera.”

It took a few minutes before her husband replied to her text which read: -
“I'm on the toilet – please advise. Love Ted.”

This story brings a tear to the eye doesn’t it?

Nothing exists in isolation, so go and keep on going and everything will come together in accomplishment, when you stick with something you believe in.

Published Sat 2nd Nov 2013 13:21:18

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