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The Joyful Mysteries of The Rosary

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These first decades of the Rosary invite us to reflect on the birth and early life of Jesus.

The Annunciation to Mary shows God taking the initiative out of love for mankind, and Mary giving her consent to God's will.

In The Visitation Mary visits Elizabeth. Two women, each carrying children of destiny, break into prayer and praise God together.

The Nativity sees Jesus born in the simplicity of Bethlehem. The first ones to see and respond are the poor; only then followed by the great and powerful.

At The Presentation in the Temple, as Mary and Joseph fulfil the religious dedication of their child, Anna and Simeon recognise the coming of the promised servant of God.

The Finding in the Temple shows us a boy on the brink of manhood beginning to recognise God's call in his life.

In the light of faith, these historical moments in the life of Jesus present to us the incarnation of God as a human person, the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives, God's plan for the salvation of the world beginning in the story of the people of Israel, and the growing revelation of the wisdom of God in person of Jesus.

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