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Saint John Henry Newman

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This Is Our World.

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I sat on a hilltop, the sun shining down;
I could see in the distance a small sleepy town.
Not a person in sight, not a noise to disturb,
The only sound heard was the song of a bird.

As I lay on my back and I gazed at the sky,
I thought of my Master and wondered just why.
When He loved all His children He had in His sight,
Why he sat in His heaven and allowed them to fight.

With the power of good, if He held His hand high,
He could stop all the violence, with a wink of His eye.
Iíve looked all around and Iíve tried hard to speak,
The pain I canít hide, itís the tear on my cheek.

Why do men fight, tell me what do they gain?
Yes! They are my brothers, but theyíre yours just the same.
They injure the old in order to steal,
Do they know how to love how to care, how to feel?
Tell me my Master, when it all will stop!
Men fight with each other, just to get to the top.

You made the first man and you gave him a heart,
To know good from evil and to tell them apart.
But men do not use it the way that they should,
Theyíve forgotten the heart is a symbol of love.

When we surrender to love, we lose our self-centredness
and rush towards those we love

Published Fri 5th Jul 2013 11:04:45

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