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Comment On The Divine

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Supported without any Support,
Without Light and in the Dark,
I go, consumed by Love.

The world (to my great happiness)
Has had – for ever! – my farewell…
Raised up above myself, I’ve….yes,
God’s my Support, and nothing else.
That which I value, I extol –
What being near to him has taught
Is this: to see and feel my soul
Supported, but with no support.

I suffer, yes! From lack of Light
(Life here is short and fugitive),
At least, though, in this earthly night
In Love Celestial I live….
Though on this path which leads above
Unnumbered perils may appear,
My will is to endure, by Love,
The Darkness of my exile here.

I know this as reality:
The good, the bad in me – the whole,
Love’s power draws profit from, for He
Into Himself transforms my soul.
Fire burns inside my soul; it came
My heart – for always! – to endue.
I walk in Love’s enchanting flame.
it always will consume me through.

St Theresa, after John of the Cross

Published Sat 25th May 2013 00:22:14

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