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Temptation & Prayer.

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We are constantly being told by the medical profession and the media that as a nation we are overeating and becoming obese and unhealthy in our lifestyle. The following story may explain why that is.

Terry was quite an ordinary young man who lived in a small market town in North Yorkshire and led an uneventful but sedentary life working in an office all day. All this changed when a burger outlet opened a shop in the high street and Terry had to pass the shop every day on his way to work.

One morning getting up late, with no time for breakfast he decided to buy a
“Big Mac” to eat in the office. This was the beginning of his downfall and an addiction to beef burgers which he just couldn’t control. Every morning on his way to work he would purchase a burger and the same on his way home. Because of the limited parking spaces on the high street, he used to walk to the outlet during his lunch hour for a burger and French fries, in order to assuage his addiction.

After a while his weight started to rise, until he was decidedly overweight and his colleagues started to poke fun of him. It was suggested he had to stop eating burgers every day and go on a diet, but this didn’t work. He then tried attending a session with “Weightwatchers,” but that didn’t work either and he continued to put on weight because he lacked the necessary
willpower to fight his addiction.

Finally, one of his Catholic colleagues suggested he prayed to God for the willpower to stop himself eating so much, which in desperation, he agreed to do. The following morning he arrived at work clutching a burger and fries and sat at his desk to eat his breakfast. “I take it, that praying didn’t work either?” he was asked. “On the contrary,” said Terry, “praying worked rather well, because on the way to work, I accidently passed McDonalds and I prayed to God, “If you want me to have a burger for breakfast, then you’ll have to find me a parking spot and after only eight trips round the block, God found me a parking spot right outside the door of McDonalds. So you were all quite right, prayer really does work.”

“When your inner resources are challenged, remember those who you admire most, whose courage and strength are an inspiration to you – be brave and you will find that you also have strength.”

Published Fri 17th May 2013 22:17:00

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