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Children’s Liturgy at St Gregory’s

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Our Children’s Liturgy team consists of three longstanding volunteers and one new member who has joined us during the last year. We use Kate Thompson’s Complete Children’s Liturgy Book as basis for each of our sessions. We have the clear aim of welcoming the children to a prayerful liturgy where we sing Liturgy songs for children that reflect the structure of the Mass and spend time reading and reflecting on the Gospel reading of the day.

We do not use colouring sheets etc (except for the youngest of children) as we find the time passes quickly and it is more important for the children to discuss the Gospel and pray together. We always end our session with our own bidding prayers which we link to the Gospel and anything special at that time in the Liturgical year (eg Lent promises / Advent preparations etc..) and finally always to the children’s own needs eg we pray for family members who are unwell. As we start to prepare to return to church, we try to give the children a message to take back home after mass – how we can put the Gospel into action that day / week.

We have a regular group of about 8 children which can increase depending on the number of children at mass that day. All children are welcome to join us and mums, dads or grandparents often accompany the youngest children (under fives). The children usually continue to come until they leave primary school (or sometimes when they become altar servers).

We use the sacristy for our Liturgy session, which is a warm, comfortable space with a table for our candle and bible. The children help with distributing song cards and love to help with the offertory procession.

Parish Report – Sue Kneeshaw

Published Wed 17th Apr 2013 08:11:51

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