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Saint John Henry Newman

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St. Theresa's SVP Conference

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Annual Report April 2013 – March 2013

Every Monday evening, following visits which start at 7.30pm, we meet in St. Theresa's Church at 8.30pm. Conference members are encouraged to contribute, to spiritual readings, which sometimes result in lively debates.

Our Conference has 11 full members, 6 sisters and 5 brothers following the arrival of new members mainly from the Young SVP Group.

We are grateful to Mgr. Holroyd and the Parish Community for their continued support. The generosity of the parish is particularly evident when we sell the 'Children's Camp' raffle tickets and have our annual Christmas collection. The formation of our new parish of Blessed John Henry Newman has seen more interaction between Conference/Church communities.


Our visits are mainly to the elderly and housebound. We also visit one family.
Visits were classified as follows:

Elderly : 248
Single : 18
Residential : 48
Hospital : 1
Total : 315


We have provided a number of grants for food, furniture and white goods and also cash grants for casual relief throughout the year. We also provided transport on 13 occasions. Some items were sourced from The Revive Centre, Seacroft.


Conference was represented at St. Vincent's Support Centre AGM.
Some Conference members took part in the annual St. Jude's sponsored walk.

We have two 'twinnages' in India and were able to fund 2 projects in India.
We also have responded to other appeals during the year and sent Christmas and delivered Christmas gifts.

We are trying to form an SVP Conference at Corpus Christi and would welcome any parishioners who are interested.
We would also welcome new members to our Conference, this would allow us to visit people more frequently.
We continue to enjoy both our visits and our meetings.

Kevin McDonald, Secretary

Published Tue 16th Apr 2013 13:46:39

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