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The Parish Weekly Draw is in effect an amalgam of two similar draws which existed before the coming-together of the three Churches into our present Parish.

Both draws were intended to raise funds for the benefit of the church with income/ prizes shared on a 50:50 basis.

One draw was the St Theresa's 500 Club which started almost 30 years ago during the time of the late Canon Tangney. The fact that the draw became a success was down to the efforts at that time of John Affleck, Peter Hayes and the late Gerry Marginson ably supported by Enid Dowling and the late Arthur Wilson. Initially, subscriptions were collected monthly and prizes paid out, as they are now, on a weekly basis. In time, the organisation of the draw devolved to Gerry alone but he had assistance from a number of parishioners in collecting subscriptions which by then were paid on a 20 week cycle basis - cost £5.

Following the unexpected and sudden death of Gerry in 2008, there was a short break in the proceedings until such time as Mary Gairn was able to cajole support in the form of Ann and Brian Smith to continue the activity.

The second draw in existence prior to the creation of the new Parish was one at Corpus Christi Church. This was run in a similar way although subscriptions of £12 per year were collected on an annual basis. Unlike the long established draw at St Theresa's, this one had only been devised in 2009 following the arrival at the Parish of Fr Dennis Cassidy. In the main, the success of the draw was a result of the efforts of June Lightfoot and a few others.

The amalgamation of Churches did bring about a better-supported Draw with increased weekly prizes now standing at £25, £10 and three of £5. Mary, Ann and Brian look after the administration of the scheme but are heavily reliant on others who assist with the twice yearly collection of subscriptions. As well as raising approximately £2000 per year for the Parish, there is some enjoyment for (winning) parishioners in sharing the same amount in prizes.
Under the terms of the law covering lotteries, reports about the Draw are submitted regularly to the local Council.
For information on joining, please contact Mary or Ann / Brian

Published Tue 16th Apr 2013 13:36:12

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