The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Churches Together in Leeds 15

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In 1966, the Second Vatican Council approved and encouraged, contact, dialogue and cooperation with Christians from other denominations. The 'Churches Together' movement was born.

For more than 40 years, 'Churches Together in Leeds 15' has flourished, representing most of the Christian churches in our area. Since the foundation of the new parish of Blessed John Henry Newman, the group has expanded to include congregations further afield in Leeds 9 and 14 but although the membership has expanded, the decision was made to retain the current title.

The Churches Together Committee comprises all the clergy together with two lay members from each church. The members from this parish are Jim Grant, who is also Treasurer, and Tony Pickles, who has recently replaced Richard Strudwick. Richard served Churches Together faithfully for many years and has written about the work of the group.

The Committee meets four times a year and, during the Week of Christian Unity in January, there is an annual general meeting, held at a different church each year, which is open to every member of the parish. Last year the speaker at the AGM was Sr Cecilia from the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal.

Richard Strudwick was instrumental in negotiating with the management of the Crossgates Centre for the installation of the Christmas crib, which is a powerful Christian witness to the true meaning of the season and a charity box placed there usually raises in the region of £500 for the Centre Charity each year.

Jim Grant

Published Tue 16th Apr 2013 13:15:31

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