The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

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Churches Cleaning Teams

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Each of our three churches has volunteers who are prepared to buckle down and carry out the mundane tasks of keeping the Churches clean. However, it is not a total success story. All Churches need some 'new (and younger) blood'!

"I once read of a Methodist Chapel Minister who commended his congregation for their devotional attendance and prayers, but then reprimanded them because of the state of the Chapel. He commented that cleaning the chapel was just as important to the Glory of God as was their devotion. I understand that the cleanliness of the Chapel improved dramatically!"

Our problem in this Parish is not, I would suggest, a matter of the Churches being untidy/unclean, but a lack of support to the existing cleaners. One of the Churches is thoroughly cleaned only once every three weeks – with a couple more volunteers this could be reduced to two weeks which would be more ideal. At another, recent appeals have met with little success and the average age of the teams at all the Churches continues to rise.

The cleaning mainly takes place on Friday mornings.

So please consider this task as a devotion and if you feel you could assist please make contact at the open day:

Published Tue 16th Apr 2013 13:12:57

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