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Children’s Liturgy – St Theresa’s

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At St. Theresa’s we have a dedicated group of volunteers who help with our children’s liturgy on Sunday morning during 10.15 mass. Each week (except during school holidays) children aged between 4-10 attend the Liturgy.

We follow “The Liturgy of the Word with Children” book which has a complete programme that follows guidelines of the Bishops conference.

This book is a great tool for the following reasons:
  • For young children the appropriate adapted Scripture texts, prayer and symbols offer a deeper understanding of the liturgy.
  • It gives children a suitable opportunity to encounter God and develop a meaningful relationship with him
  • Children are able to worship in a way that is tailored to their level of understanding and participation.
  • As Ministers , it gives us encouragement and support with helpful suggestions and ideas to help Share God’s word

Here’s how we celebrate the Liturgy of the Word:

  • Each Sunday the children gather in church with their families for the introductory rites and welcome.
  • Then they are invited to come forward for Liturgy. Father presents them with the Bible and it is carried in procession to the hall.
  • The leader does the introduction which helps set the scene and then reads the Gospel
  • The children will sing when lighting a special candle
  • Reflective discussion and appropriate activity will take place to help the children to understand the Gospel
  • Suitable prayers of intercession are shared with children The children return to church and participate in the offertory and share the Liturgy of the Eucharist.

The children always enjoy the Liturgy and miss it when it isn’t on – Ideally it would be nice to do the Liturgy every Sunday, but because of a shortage of volunteers this is not possible. If anyone would like to help with the Liturgy (just a few Sundays in the year) just contact any of the group –
Nadin Keymist, Tricia Archer, Johnny Love, Edwina Collins, Sharon Glynn, Liz Duffy & Janet Clarke.

Published Tue 16th Apr 2013 13:09:08

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