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An E-Mail From God

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I'm sure we have all prayed and found our prayers haven't been answered, so we have prayed even harder and still no answer, so we wonder if God really hears or doesn't even care about us.

One day, God was looking down at Earth and saw all the violence and destruction being caused by man and he was appalled by what he saw. He sent for one of his angels and instructed him to travel freely across earth and report back how the people really lived and if they were following any of his commandments. When the angel returned some time later, he reported to God, "I'm afraid it's worse than you thought, over 95% of the people live sinful lives and only 5% are good." God thought for a moment and then decided he really needed a second opinion before deciding what to do, so he sent a second angel down to earth. Sometime later, he arrived back and told God the situation was indeed bad and the earth appears to be in decline, with greed, selfishness and violence being rampant and he also said that only 5% of the earth's population were good God fearing people, trying to live a sinless life. God was not pleased by this second report and decided he would have to intervene and do something about it, but what?

God thought, I sent my son down there and they ignored him, but I can't just do nothing and it will have to be dramatic. Then he thought, the only way man seems to have progressed is in the field of technology, so I will use their own technology against them. I will send an e-mail to the 5% of the population who believe, to encourage them to follow me and to continue to spread the good news to others.

Do any of you know what this e-mail said? I was just wondering because I didn't get one either!

'Life is constant flux. There is good news and bad news, but by understanding what to focus on, you can learn the subtle art of living.'

Published Mon 15th Apr 2013 08:49:30

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