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Journey in Faith 2013

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On Sunday 17th February 2013 Leeds Cathedral was full of people from all over our Diocese to welcome those who are planning to be initiated into full Communion with the Church at Easter. We were pleased to have a group from our parish of Blessed John Henry Newman including candidates their sponsors and family members. Please keep them all in your prayers and thank God for our faith.

Journey in Faith

One meeting focused on the Creeds. After discussing and analysing both the Apostles' and the Nicene Creeds the group were asked to break into twos and threes to consider their beliefs and to think up a 'one liner' to contribute to a 'JIF Group Creed'. This is the result. We hope it will get everyone thinking more about 'What do we believe and how does that influence our lives?'

We believe in one God.
God loves us no matter what!
We believe in the love of the Father and sharing it.
The Trinity has always existed.
We believe all the articles of the Creed.
We say the Creed with full belief.
We believe in the forgiveness of a loving God.

Once the lines had been put together the group was asked, 'Can you go along with this?' The response was unanimous – WE CAN – AMEN!

If we consider how long it took the Council at Nicaea to form the Nicene Creed we hope you will agree that our fifteen minute exercise was really fruitful.

Please continue praying for our catechumens, their sponsors and catechists.

Carol Daley

Published Thu 28th Mar 2013 10:17:50

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