The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


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During the first half of last year’s Mission, members of the Mission Team visited as many homes across the Parish as they could. Members of the Parish joined them as volunteer visitors. The experience of doing so was very positive, and the visits made were much appreciated. The visits were at least as valuable as the events in Church during the second week. The majority of the houses visited were of parishioners who attend regularly, although there was disappointment that some parishioners did not receive a visit.

There are many other Catholics who no longer join us on Sundays. There are other people who may well be interested. As a follow up to the Mission it is planned to continue with home visits by parishioners, as a way of giving witness to our faith, reaching out to others and building community. A small planning group has begun to prepare for this. As during the Mission, we wish to ask again for volunteers from the parish to join in this visiting. The proposal this time is to take one area of the parish and to visit every house to discover all those who are Catholics with greetings from the parish and information about it. What we learn from this can then be extended over the whole parish.

The visits will be carefully prepared for, guidance given, and done together, not on your own. Two things are needed: first, plenty of volunteers: please sign up. (Lists etc. are in the Churches. If you are unsure, those who did this last year will share their experience of it); second, prayer. As with the Mission, these visits need to be supported by all of us in prayer. If anyone wishes to help with the planning of this, please let us know.

Fr. Philip

Published Fri 22nd Mar 2013 21:30:43

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