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Building Blocks.

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As children, some of the earliest toys we played with were building blocks. This fascination with building runs through each generation, as does the frustration when they don’t fit properly or get knocked down during play. Leaving our toy blocks behind, we soon learned how bricks, mortar and stone could be used for building lasting monuments to our need. We also found that we could use our building skills for both good and evil. We have built houses for the homeless and hospitals for the sick, but we have also built concentration camps and tried to destroy a whole nation.

Throughout the ages, man has been a compulsive builder, building huge cathedrals to the glory of God and huge palaces to the glory of man. The humble building brick can indeed be used to great effect for the good of man, from a tiny cottage to a stately home; bricks and mortar play their individual part in the strength of the building.

In Rome we have some of the finest examples of man’s building skills, still admired after thousands of years. But among these classical buildings and tall columns, runs the blood of countless slaves, who were killed for the entertainment of their Roman masters. We all admire the great pyramids of Egypt, but how many people died during this building project. Then we have the Great Wall of China, which it is claimed, is the only man-made object viewable from outer space and in the hundreds of years it took to build, it is estimated that up to one million workers lost their lives. Man has indeed proven himself to be a prolific builder over many years – but at what cost?

In our own lives too, we are building our own spiritual houses, with Jesus as the foundation stone. The bricks of our faith must be firm and secure, but also ready to expand and grow. Jesus told Peter, ”Thou art the rock on which I will build my church” and Jesus is the rock on which we should build our lives.

The people, who inspire us most, are those who plant seeds they will never see grow. But live a full life every day, until they die.

Published Fri 22nd Mar 2013 21:04:43

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