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The Shopping Disaster.

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I’ve never been very keen on shopping, but since my wife took ill, for the past three years I have found myself in complete charge of the shopping trolley. This gives me power to put inside it, anything that takes my fancy without the usual, “We’re not buying that,” taking place, so when I first read this week’s little story, I thought how true to life this was.

A husband and wife were shopping in the local supermarket buying the week’s groceries, with the husband being handed food to place in his trolley. All went well until they reached the aisle selling wines, beers and spirits, when the husband noticed a special offer on lager, twenty four cans for fifteen pounds and he thought this is a good offer, so he placed a case in
his trolley. “Put them back immediately, we can’t afford them,” demanded his wife, so placing them back on the shelf they continued their shopping until they reached the cosmetic section. They browsed for a while until his wife picked up a small jar of face cream costing twenty pounds and placed it in the trolley. “What do you think you’re doing? that costs twenty pounds.” demanded her indignant husband. “It’s face cream, which helps me look more beautiful,” replied his wife, “Surely you want me to look beautiful for you, don’t you?” Her husband said “After drinking twenty four cans of lager you will always look beautiful to me, that’s why I buy them and they’re a lot cheaper too.”

Today, let us focus on all the contributions others have made and continue to make in shaping our lives. All of us work together as a team, helping where we can and lending support and encouragement in our own lives.

Alexandra Stoddard

Published Fri 1st Feb 2013 13:09:25

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