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A Good Vintage.

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The chief buyer for a high quality wine merchant had recently died and the managing director was holding interviews to appoint his successor. He had already seen three applicants, who weren’t very impressive and when his secretary showed the next one in, his heart sank. The man looked decidedly scruffy, unshaven and wearing a suit which looked as if he had been sleeping in it and couldn’t possibly know anything about quality wine. The M.D. decided to go ahead with the interview and then reject the man as not having enough experience.

He gave the man a glass of wine and asked for his comments. The man held the glass up and looked at it towards the light, smelled the bouquet, tasted it and then said, “It’s a Muscat, three years old, grown on a northern slope, matured in steel containers, It’s low grade but acceptable.” “That’s correct,” said the surprised boss and handed him another glass to taste. The man went through the same process, holding it up the light and smelling it, before tasting. “This is a Cabernet, eight years old, grown on a south western slope, matured in oak barrels at a temperature of 8c. I think it requires at least another three years to mature and then it will be an excellent wine.” The amazed boss said, “Very well done, now try this one.” The man took the glass, went through his ritual and said, “It’s Pinot Blanc Champagne, very high grade, quite exclusive and most expensive.” The director was astonished at the man’s knowledge of wines but was still unsure if he was employable, so he decided on one more test. He excused himself for a moment, and returned shortly carrying another glass, which he gave to the man for his, now obviously expert opinion. “Now then” said the director, “What can you tell me about this?” The man looked at the wine, checked its clarity, smelled its bouquet, but this time he didn’t taste it, He smiled at the director and said, “This is taken from an experienced
professional gentleman, who is basically healthy, but enjoys a good glass of wine each evening.

He got the job!

“Every man must find his own philosophy – his attitude towards life.”

Published Fri 7th Dec 2012 12:40:49

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