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Seek And Ye Shall Find.

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It is a widely held view that as you age, the passion decreases, the flame flickers and eventually dies out. This week’s little story proves this to be a complete myth.

Retired pensioners George and Ethel were in bed one summer’s night. George was feeling tired as he had spent the day playing in a bowls tournament and wanted nothing more than to go to sleep. Ethel however was feeling a bit more frisky, she dug him in the ribs and asked, “Are you awake?” he replied, “Yes I am now, what do you want?” Ethel said, “Do you remember when we were courting, you used to hold my hand – can you hold it now?” So to keep her quiet he held her hand. She then said, “Do you remember how you used to kiss me on the cheek – can you kiss me now?” He kissed her on the cheek. She went on, “Do you remember how you used to blow down my ear - can you do it now?” He blew down her ear. Just as he started to doze off she said, “Do you remember how you used to bite my neck?” George flung back the bed clothes and started getting out of bed. “Where are you going now?” she asked. “I’m going to the bathroom to get my teeth,” replied George.

Still on the subject of false teeth, I enjoy walking in the park near the lake and I usually see the same old lady sitting on a bench with a carrier bag full of breadcrumbs to feed the ducks, she said that she came every day unless it was raining. Then she said, “But I had a terrible experience yesterday, as I was feeding the ducks, I leaned out and my false teeth fell out into the lake and were gone. I burst into tears and then a nice young man dressed in a smart black suit stopped and asked if he could help. I
explained my problem and he produced a set of dentures from his pocket and said, “Here try these.” They were too big, so he found another pair, they were too small, but the third pair he produced fit perfectly – look, I have them in now,” she said showing me a big smile. Quite taken aback I said, “You were very lucky a dentist happened to be walking in the park, weren’t you?” “Oh” she said, “He wasn’t a dentist whatever made you think that? He was my local undertaker.”

Life is constantly in flux. There is good news and bad news, but by understanding what to focus on you learn the art of living.

Published Mon 5th Nov 2012 14:08:53

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