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The Importance Of Colour

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Have you ever noticed the importance colour plays in our daily lives? We start off when we are in primary school, using crayons and paints in our colouring books. We marry, with the bride in white of course, find a house and immediately your new wife realises the colour scheme is not to her taste. We redecorate, then find that the carpets and curtains do not match the decor recently created and so we continue until we achieve a colour coordinated house that your wife feels comfortable living with. We get into our cars (the right colour of course) to come to Mass, drive down the road and notice different coloured signs telling us what we can and can’t do.
When we have been naughty, we look in our mirror and see the flashing blue light of the police car behind, inviting us to stop for a “friendly chat.” Having survived the “friendly chat,” we carry on to church and notice the
flowers on the altar and the priest wearing different coloured vestments, according to which feast we are celebrating.

There is a story told of a very famous painter and decorator, who had a marvellous reputation for the quality of his work. As his reputation spread, the rich and famous called on him to decorate their mansions. Unfortunately, as he made more and more money he became greedy and started to thin down his paint to make it go further and make even more profit. Eventually, his rich customers began to notice and complain about the quality of his decorating and found themselves other tradesmen who were more honest. Deeply ashamed and facing bankruptcy, he became so depressed that he decided to ask God for forgiveness. He went to his local church,
knelt down and said, “Lord I have sinned and I am almost bankrupt, please forgive me, as I don’t know what to do.”

And a voice boomed out and said: “Your sins are forgiven, go and repaint and thin no more!”

Published Fri 3rd Aug 2012 18:34:54

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