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The Thrill Of Flying.

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Most of us will have experienced the joy of flying to far flung destinations on our holidays. A friend once told me that she liked flying
because once you reached 30,000ft she felt closer to God, until I pointed out that if anything went wrong with the aircraft at this height she might be closer to God than she expected. The one thing I had never flown in was a helicopter, but some years ago on my 50th birthday; my wife arranged a flight for me as a birthday treat, which I really enjoyed. This brings us nicely on to today’s story, also about a helicopter flight.

George and Mildred used to have a day out every year to visit a local air display and every year George would say to Mildred, “I’d love to have a ride in a helicopter.” Every year Mildred would say, “Look George, it’s too expensive, we can’t afford it. One year George said to Mildred, “When am I going to have my helicopter ride, I’m 74 now and I might never get another chance?” Mildred replied, “I’ve told you before, it’s too expensive, its £25 each that’s £50 and £50 is £50 and we can spend that sort of money on
something really useful.”

The pilot overheard their conversation and approaching he said, “I’ll take you both for an hour’s ride for free, but only on condition that you stay quiet for the whole ride, one word from either of you and it will cost you £50.” George and Mildred quickly agreed, boarded the aircraft and took off. At first the pilot flew in quite a sedate manner, but then started to perform some fancy manoeuvres, throwing the aircraft all over the skies in an attempt to force his passengers to cry out, but not a word was heard from the rear seats.

Landing the helicopter, the pilot said, “I’m most impressed, I did everything I could to get you to yell out, but you didn’t.” George replied, “Well, I almost yelled out when during one of your turns, Mildred fell out, but as she always told me, £50 is £50 after all.”

“We know too much and feel too little of those creative emotions, from which a good life springs."

Published Fri 27th Jul 2012 19:06:45

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