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The Gift

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Have you noticed how the humble wrist watch has changed over the years?
Originally, the basic watch had to be wound up daily or it stopped; now we all have electronic ones, powered by a battery and most of them even tell you the date as well. My own inexpensive watch doesn’t even need a battery, as it is powered by the movement of your wrist. Funnily enough, this week’s story is also about a wrist watch.

A man went for a long walk in the country during an unusually hot summer’s day. He was beginning to feel tired and thirsty when he came upon a village pub, with lots of people sitting outside enjoying a drink in the sunshine. He thought, “Just what I need, a rest and a pint of beer,” then feeling in his pocket he discovered he had come out without his wallet. Inside the pub, there were only two people sitting at a corner table and the barman awaiting his customers.

Approaching the bar, the man explained to the barman that he would like a pint of beer but had come out without his wallet, but he said “I will give you this watch in exchange for a cold beer.” The barman looked at the watch, which seemed to be expensive, and agreed, so the man drank his beer and handed over the watch. Whilst examining it, the barman said, “It’s a nice watch, where did you get it?” The man replied, “As a matter of fact it was given to me by a big game hunter when I saved his wife from being trampled by a herd of elephants.” The barmen said, “Well as you are
such a hero, I’ll buy you another pint.” Then, examining the watch more closely he said, “Just a minute, this watch has only got one hand, I thought you said it was a gift for saving the wife of the game hunter?” “Yes sir,” replied the man whilst wiping his mouth on the back of his hand, “It was a gift, but I never said that he was grateful!”

“A fool uttered all his mind: but a wise man kept some of it till afterwards.”

Published Fri 4th May 2012 13:31:28

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