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A Good Meal?

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Now we have all had a good Easter lunch and are busy consuming the eggs and chocolate we have left, it’s time to return to more mundane things of life, like enjoying a good sandwich for our midday meal.

An Irish landlady was eager to please her new lodger, so while he was getting ready for his first day on the building site, she made him a substantial sandwich of cold beef and pickles to sustain him through the day. When he arrived back in the evening, she inquired if he had enjoyed the sandwich which she had prepared for him. “Sure, it was fine, what there was of it.” he said’ So the next morning she made him two sandwiches of cheese and pickle to take with him and in the evening when she inquired if he had enjoyed them, he gave the same answer as before. The following days she increased the number of sandwiches each day, but always got the same answer. By Friday she was feeling a bit annoyed with her lodger and decided to teach him a lesson. She bought a large bloomer loaf and cutting through this horizontally, she buttered each long half and filled this with a whole tin of pilchards, slices of cheese, cod roes, salad dressing and the leftovers from the previous night’s dinner. The landlady said to herself; “That’ll fix him from complaining all the time.” He left for work with the large sandwich wrapped up in bacon foil and the landlady got on with her daily chores.

Arriving home that night, the landlady asked if he had enjoyed his food that day. The lodger said, “Ah, it was grand, so it was, really grand, but I did notice that we are back again to only two slices of bread!”

“It is usually not so much the greatness of our trouble,
but the smallness of our spirit, which makes us complain.”

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