The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Parish Sick List

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Please pray for the repose of
Patricia Butterworth, Mary McQuade, Stephen Sharpe, Gordon Cavell, Ann Patricia Pace, Peggy Leech and Bridie Conway who have died recently and Tom Kelly, Brendan Mowles, Joseph Maloney, Patrick L'Amie whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Mass Intentions received:
For Lately Deceased:

Bridie Conway x 2 Masses, Madge Illingworth, Peggy Nolan,

For Anniversaries:
Mykola Porylo, Joyce Goodwin, Annie Foster, Patrick L'Amie, John Michael Egan, Paul Reynolds, Robert Reynolds,

For Other Intentions:
Kutinsky Family (USA) Sick, Mary Lupton Birthday wishes & Families intention, Canon McGillycuggy Special Intention, Melissa Maloney, Betty Norwell Special Intention, Ivan & Betty Gregory RIP Memories.

Please Pray for All Who Are Sick, including
Sr. Millie (Peru), John Bettison Jnr, Joan Brown, Rose Bulmer, Tony Chana, Joan Corcoran, Sheila Cornick, Mary Cohen, Denis Connolly, John (Sean) Craig, Paul Croft, Claire Crook, Joan Cuthbertson, Nora Davey, Julie Digings, Brian Dickinson, Michael Foy, Ted Fryer, Claire Gaffney, Mary Gaughan, Jason Grudzien, Peter Hanlon, Barbara Hayes, Shirley Heselton, Don Holdsworth, Kathleen Howley, Thomas Cole Kelly, Marjory Levin, Pat & Oresti Lusardi, Paul Mallinson, Matteo Manfredini, Billie Marginson, Deacon Tom Marshall, Mary McCann, Megan McDonnell, Fr Eugene McGillycuddy, Jean McGuire, Emma Mather, Angela Murphy, Molly Neal, John Newton, Tatiana Nicholas, Beryl Oakes, Brenda O'Gorman, Alison Pegg, Terry Pickles, Jimmy Pitts, Deacon Sean Quigley, Lynne Ramsden, Bernard Robinson, Elijah Robinson (Baby), Margaret Royston, Andrea Ruck, Patricia Spencer, Sylvia Spencer, Derek Shotton, Scott Summers Jnr., Marguerita Toth, Deborah Tree, Pauline Wagstaff, Pat Walker, Effie Wallis, Jim Walsh, Maureen Walsh, June Watson, Eileen Winn.

New names will be added in alphabetical order and highlighted for the first week.

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