The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Parish Sick List

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Please pray for the repose of:
Joseph (Joe) Davenport, Fr Gerry Thornton, Patricia Kelly, Gretta McGrath, John Hepworth, Domnick Boyle, Mary Harkin, Hughie O'Mally, John Lawrenson, Grace McNulty, Philomena Ruane, Mary Know Sheila Egan, who have died recently and Gerard McDonnell, Ann Kelly, Stan & Janet Millar, Patrick Duffy, Mary Readman, Margaret Vine, Catherine Guy, Michael Barnes, Ann Barnes, Vincent & Dorthey Poole whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Please Pray for All Who Are Sick, including:
Ian Booth, Joan Brown, Maria Clark, Doreen Clarke, Mary Collinson, Mark Connell, Sheila Cornick, Peter Cumiskey, Joan Cuthbertson, Craig Eden, Mary Ferguson, Michael Gaughan, Mary Gill, Rodney Glen, Jason Grudzien, Susan Haigh, Peter Hanlon, Anna Hargreaves, Shirley Heselton, Barbara Howland, Lily Howley, Freddie Humphries (baby), Diane Londt, Paul Mallinson, Bridget Mallon, Megan McDonnell, Nancy McDonnell, Georgina McDowell, Trevor McDonnell, Jean McGuire, Emma Mather, Gisele Morcos, Angela Murphy, Ellen Musarurwa, Annette Nicholas, Hannah O'Dea, Florence O'Donnell, Alison Pegg, Jimmy Pitts, Peggy Richardson, Elijah Robinson, Irene Robinson, Margaret Royston, Patricia Ryan, Winifred Shearne (ne Hayes) Derek Shotton, John Small, June Smith, Rita Smith, Patricia Spencer, Maureen Standing, Lucy Stead, Philip Steel, Paula Swires, John Taylor, Callum Tempest, Marguerita Toth, Sarah Toth, Deborah Tree, Anthony (Tony) Waite, Faye Walsh, Kirsty Walker, Jim Walsh, Philomena Watkins-Jones, Margaret Webb, Caron Ward, Patricia Ward, Isla Werret (4yrs), Eileen Winn.

Is there anyone you have put on that can now be removed? If so, please contact the parish office on 0113 2645260 or email

Mass intentions received:
For the Lately Deceased:

Gretta McGrath, John Hepworth, Fr John Kelly, Domnick Boyle, Mary Harkin, Hughie O'Mally x 2 Masses, John Lawrenson, Grace McNulty, Philomena Ruane, Mary Know

For Anniversaries:
Leo Hanlon, Ken Keeling, Joe O'Gorman, Chris McNamara, Stevan Toth, Agnas Okafor, John Hepworth

Special Intentions:
Maureen & Alan Clapham 50th Wedding Anniversary, Special intentions

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