The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Sonnet LXXV

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I wish, God, for some end I do not will.
Between the fire and heart a veil of ice
Puts out the fire. My pen will not move well,
So that the sheet on which Iím working lies.

I pay you mere lip-service, then I grieve;
Love does not reach my heart, I do not know
How to admit that grace which would relieve
My state and crush the arrogance I show

Oh tear away that veil, God, break that wall
Which with its strength refuses to let in
The sun whose light has vanished from the world.

Send down a promised light to bless and hold
Your lovely bride. So may I seek for all
I need in you, both end there and begin


Published Fri 16th Mar 2012 11:42:58

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