The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Parish Bulletin - Week Commencing: 19th September 2021

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Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Year B

Please remember in your prayers the following intention: An environmentally sustainable lifestyle. We pray that we all will make courageous choices for a simple and environmentally sustainable lifestyle, rejoicing in our young people who are resolutely committed to this.

Today : Ss Andrew Kim Tae-g?n, Priest, Paul Ch?ng Ha-sang, and Companions, Martyrs

Act of Consecration to St. Joseph

O dearest St. Joseph, I consecrate myself to your honour and give myself to you that you may always be my father, my protector and my guide in the way of salvation.
Obtain for me a greater purity of heart and fervent love of the interior life.
After your example may I do all my actions for the greater glory of God, in union with the Divine Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary!
O Blessed St. Joseph, pray for me that I may share in the peace and joy of your holy death.


Parish Notices

Our Parish has reintroduced the following steps:

Sanitising your hands on the way in and out of church.

Masks- It is strongly recommended these are worn in church.

Social Distance- no limit but please maintain a safe distance.

Piety Stalls open from 18th - 19th September.

Quiet room St Theresa's will remain closed for emergency use.

Children's Liturgy and Servers - we are now looking to start these from the 1st Sunday of Advent.

Sacristans -We need to contact all sacristans to see if they wish to carry on. If so then we will start these on a weekend only from 2 nd - 3rd October. The priests will prepare the altar and expose the Blessed Sacrament during the week.

Church Cleaning:
Corpus Christi - has started but more help is needed.
St Gregory's - help needed to start cleaning. Every 2 weeks. If you can help please ring the parish office.

Readers Rota - Eucharistic Ministers:
Rotas are being prepared and will start 2nd - 3rd October.

Offertory Collection will continue to be taken at the door.
Please try to give as generously as you can.

Offertory Procession continues to be suspended.

Tea & Coffee after Mass will remain suspended

Please help to keep all our churches safe for all who attend them.

Corpus Christi Church - the Saturday vigil Mass at 5.15pm will remain suspended for the foreseeable future.

St Gregory's Church Sunday Mass time. With effect from the 3rd October the 9.15am Mass time will change to 9.00am. This will allow the priest more time for the Mass and then time get to Corpus Christi church for the next Mass.

RCIA - course for those people who would like to join the Catholic faith. (Not those who would like to know more about their faith.) If you know of anyone who is interested in becoming a Catholic then please see either of the priests or ask them to ring the parish office on 0113 2645260.

Parish Magazine: We are now starting preparations for the Autumn issue of the Parish Magazine. If you have any articles that you would like to contribute, please send them in to or drop them in at the Parish Office. The deadline for submissions is Sunday 26th September.

Annual Count: The Diocese has asked that we count the numbers that attend Mass for 4 weeks commencing 18th - 19th September.

Holy Family Convent: The Sisters will leave our parish at the end of September. There will be a Mass of Thanksgiving for their service and work in our Parish for over 80 years. The Mass will be on Monday 27th September at 12noon. Everyone is welcome.

Living Faith booklet for October - December available in the church porch or parish office. Cost £1 each.

St Theresa's Catholic Primary School wish to appoint an Extended Schools Assistant from 3.15 pm until 6.00 pm each day to work with children at our After School Club. For further details please look on our school website - Closing date Wednesday, 22nd September 2021.

Notre Dame Catholic 6th Form College: Open day on Saturday 16th October 9.30am - 1pm.

St John Henry Newman Feast Day 9th October: In preparation of our Parish Feast Day the relics, normally placed in the Lady Chapel at St Theresa's will be taken to our other churches:
Corpus Christi 19th September for 1 week
St Gregory's 26th September for 1 week
St Theresa's 3rd October

An invitation to a celebratory Mass for the SVP Conference of St John Henry Newman which will take place at St Theresa's Church, 7pm on Monday 27th September, the Feast day of St Vincent de Paul. The theme of the Mass will be of thanksgiving for the work of the SVP and the fantastic support of all our parishioners which we rely on so very much. Thank you.

Gospel Meditaion

Mark 9:30-37
1. Jesus uses the time they are travelling along the road to teach his disciples what it means to follow him. Think of the wisdom you have acquired about life, about faith, about what it means to be a Christian. Who have been your teachers? Remember them and give thanks for them.

2. One of the lessons Jesus gives them is that there is a dying to be endured as we move to a fuller life. That was the road he would travel. It is also our journey, not only at the end of this earthly life, but also in small ways through life. When have you found that by dying in some way you came to a fuller life?

3. The sacrifices made by front line health care workers during the coronavirus pandemic were an inspiration to many. They put themselves at risk to care for the sick, and some of them died. Are there other people who have inspired you by their service of others.

4. Achievement, affirmation, recognition, and status are attractive and enjoyable when they come our way. Yet we can be in trouble if, like the disciples, we become caught up in pursuit of them. Jesus tells them that true greatness lies in service of others. Who are the people whose support and assistance help you now? What has helped you to appreciate the value of loving service of others?

Diocesan & Other Notices

LIVE-STREAMING OF MASS FROM LEEDS CATHEDRAL - continues each Sunday to live stream Mass. Visit: or

Leeds Diocesan Mission Mass:
Saturday 25th September 2021 at 12.45pm St Joseph's, Batley Carr. Guest Speaker Fr Emmanuel Mbeh MHM. See Poster.

Introductory Course in Philosophy of Religion: exploring the
relationship between Catholic faith and reason. Tuesday evenings
from 21st September - 19th October at Hinsley Hall. Please contact

Growing Old Gracefully - latest newsletter available via Growing Old Grace-fully Review Newsletter online or a few paper copies in church.

PASTORAL LETTER: ‘FROM PARISH TO MISSION' AND THE SYNOD OF BISHOPS 2023 - paper copies also available in the church porch.

CATECHESIS MEETINGS: Meetings to discuss and plan the return to catechesis after the pandemic will be held on Tuesday 14th September, from 10.00am-12.30pm (at Hinsley Hall or online) and from 7.00-8.30pm (online). For information, contact Poster attached.

Leeds Diocesan Mission Mass: Saturday 25th September 2021 at 12.45pm St Joseph's, Batley Carr. Guest Speaker Fr Emmanuel Mbeh MHM. See Poster.

Introductory Course in Philosophy of Religion: exploring the relationship between Catholic faith and reason. Tuesday evenings from 21st September - 19th October at Hinsley Hall. Please contact

Nazareth - a Family-friendly Mass Community - Are you a Catholic family with young children who would like to meet others in your situation for worship? Come to the launch of the Family-friendly Mass Community at St Patrick's church Elland, on Sunday October 3rd at 1.30pm. Further details from Katie McNamara-Hall 07712 127036

ST WILFRID'S WAY 2021: First aiders needed on the annual diocesan walking ‘camino' between Leeds Cathedral & Ripon. Friday 8 & Saturday 9 October. Please can all pilgrims planning to join either day of the walk or any of the pilgrims' masses & devotions at historic sites along the way, email to register an interest.

WAYS OF PRAYING - Although this is part of Online Week of Guided Prayer these online zoom sessions are available to everyone. Tuesday 28th September - Lectio Divina, Weddnesday 29th September - Examen, Thursday 30th September - Imaginative Contemplation and Thursday 7th October - Praying with Art. There is no need to book for these sessions just come along and join us. The zoom link is:
Meeting ID: 820 0948 3498 - Passcode: 421659


All children going to the toilet must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

Will the parents of the young children who are changing to serve Mass and need assistance please help them. Please do not leave it to other adults.


If you are thinking of getting married in any of our churches at least 6 months' notice must be given. This will enable the couple's preparation and the necessary paper work to be completed

Gluten Free Hosts

There is a supply of hosts in each church. Should you need one of the hosts consecrating please make yourself known to the priest before Mass starts.

Mass Offerings

If you wish a Mass to be said on a certain date for a special intention then we ask you to please give 12 weeks' notice.


LIFE: Pregnant?
Need to talk? Life will help. Ring 07554003000

Children's Liturgy

All children & adults attending children's liturgy must sign the weekly register.


Please pray for the repose of:
James (Shay) Herron, Catherine Lindsay McLaughlin, Michael Burgan, Patricia Brown, Marie Ellen McGovern, Samantha Ann Crowther, John Kehoe who have died recently and Marie Humphry, Sam & Betty Clarkson, Eileen & Laurence Cohen whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Please Pray for All Who Are Sick, including:
Sr. Millie (Peru), Sara Bakal, Nora Bottomley, Joan Brown, Vicky Clarkson, Mary Cohen, Maureen Cohen, Sheila Cornick, Peter Cumiskey, Joan Cuthbertson, Amiee Dale, Nora Davey, Bernice Deeves, Brian Dickinson, , Michael Gaughan, Rae Griffiths, Mary Gill, Jason Grudzien, Paul Hampson, Peter Hanlon, Barbara Hayes, Shirley Heselton, Bridget Holman, Lily Howley, Les Kelly, Thomas Cole Kelly, Irene Kirrane, Pat Lusardi, Paul Mallinson, Billie Marginson, Megan McDonnell, Jean McGuire, Paul McMillan, Emma Mather, Angela Murphy, Ellen Musarurwa, Carole Naughton, John Newton, Annette Nicholas, Beryl Oakes, Brian O'Boyle, Hannah O'Dea, Sue Parry, Alison Pegg, Terry Pickles, Jimmy Pitts, Peggy Richardson, Elijah Robinson, John Robinson, Dominic Roe, Margaret Royston, Sr. Regina (Lydon), Danny Scott, Jake Shaw, Derek Shotton, Barbara Slinger, John Small, Patricia Spencer, Sylvia Spencer, Catherine Scrimshaw, Scott Summers Jnr., Callum Tempest, Marguerita Toth, Deborah Tree, Effie Wallis, Jim Walsh, Maureen Walsh, Denis Waite, Phil Watkin-Jones, Eileen Winn

Mass intentions received:
For the Lately Deceased:

Marie Ellen McGovern, Samantha Ann Crowther, John Kehoe

For Anniversaries:
Prosper Takudzwa Musegedi, Lynne Marie Ramsden, Sam & Betty Clarkson,

For Other Intentions:
Rae Griffiths Sick, Bernard Welsh Birthday memories, Thanksgiving Muesegedi Family,

Baptisms. To accommodate the backlog of baptisms they will take place on a Saturday and Sunday to suit the families.
Please contact the parish office if wish to have your child Baptised in the coming months.

SVP Food bank: Thank you for the great response to our call for food for the bank. If you could please consider when shopping to donating Tinned meats of any kind, shower gels, coffee, sugar items to support the families in need.

Newman Weekly Draw - 06/2021 Please collet your winnings from church or the parish office. NO Subscriptions due until February 2022
£25 454 C Lightfoot C/O June
£10 117 E Dowling Crossgates
£5 451 J Hagan Swarcliffe
£5 059 A Woodhead Halton Moor
£5 233 P Elliott-Timms Halton

New names will be added to the sick list in alphabetical order and highlighted for the first week.

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