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Parish Bulletin - Week Commencing: 12th November 2017

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Thirty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
Morning Psalter week 4
Prayer Intention This Week
For all the fallen in the conflicts around the world
Today : Weekday in Ordinary Time or The Dedication of the Basilicas of the Ss Peter and Paul, Apostles

SVP Food Bank

There are boxes in each church porch for non-perishable food items.

Thank you

Seeing Your Life Through the Lens of the Gospel

1. While the parable has clear end-of-time applications it can also be applied to any moment of grace. It reminds us that moments of grace come unexpectedly, and we need to be awake to receive them. Recall times when you were alert for such a moment. What were the consequences for you?

2. Grace can also be disturbing. We can be coasting along in life and suddenly an opportunity or a graced moment arrives and we are shaken out of our routine in order to respond. Perhaps you can recall both moments when you were unprepared, and moments when you were able to respond. What lessons have you learned from such experiences?

3. We may be tempted to judge the wise virgins as being selfish for not sharing with the others, but perhaps Jesus is teaching us that there are some things that other people cannot provide for us. We have to acquire them ourselves. What qualities in life do you see as the essential oil that you must provide for yourself?

Parish Pastoral Council

The Truth.

Jesus told us, "I am the way the truth and the life," and in many of the Gospels he is quoted as starting with the words, "Truly, truly I say unto you." But what is Truth?

In today's world it is increasingly difficult to separate truth from fiction. Just look at some of the advertisements on television each evening. If you believed all the claims made, you would soon have a household full of useless products. Apart from being truthful and honest with others, sometimes we find it difficult to even be truthful with ourselves. We make excuses for our bad behaviour, or blame others for our own faults.

Politicians quickly learn the art of being disingenuous with the truth, when they claim vast sums in expenses and mortgages they are not entitled to. But when they are found out, it's always a terrible mistake and completely within the rules as they understood them.

A priest took as his text for his homily one Sunday, "Truth and honesty." When he had finished, he looked down on the congregation with a smile and announced that he was giving them all some homework to do for next Sunday. He said, "My homily next week will be based on chapter 17 of the Gospel of St Mark, so I would like you all to try and make an effort to read it during the week. The next week the priest stood at the lectern, looked at his congregation and asked, "Would all those who took the trouble the read chapter 17 of St Marks Gospel please put up your hands." A forest of hands shot into the air and the priest smiled and said, "That's very interesting, but you all disappoint me with your honesty, as there are only 16 chapters in St Mark's Gospel."

"I am the way, the truth and the life."

Bulletin News

Posters - Leaflets and any items MUST NOT be left in any of our church porches with prior permission from the Parish Priest or via the office.

Newman Weekly Draw 09/20

£25 290 P Mallinson Whitkirk
£10 465 A Mead Barwick
£5 463 S Hyde Crossgates
£5 403 J Perry Pendas
£5 197 R Marlow Rookwood

CLAY - Christians Learning Across Yorkshire: The Autumn 2017 edition of the CLAY leaflet is now available. In it you will find details of courses throughout Yorkshire which are open to all Christians. The website is take a leaflet from the church porch.

A WEEKEND RETREAT "Living with a Life Changing Loss through Bereavement" is being held at The Briery Retreat Centre from 17th-19th November led by Abi May. Grief following bereavement can feel overwhelming. The aim of this retreat is to better equip ourselves to deal with life-changing loss. We will face up to some of the spiritual, emotional and practical challenges of our grief, and then look at the practical and creative ways to cope with our life as it is now, as well as the comfort that Jesus offers in the midst of sorrow. For further information please telephone the Administrators on 01943 607287 or email:

AFTERNOON OF RENEWAL on Sunday 26th November at St Aelred's Church, Woodland Drive, Harrogate, HG2 7BE from 2pm - 5pm (1.30 tea, coffee & registration). Theme is "The Gift of the Spirit". For more details: or ring Paddy Spiller on 01274 566332 or See poster in the church porch for more details.

ADVENT RETREAT DAY at The Briery in Ilkley, Saturday 2nd December 2017, 10:00am - 4:00pm. This retreat is for anyone who would like the opportunity for a quiet and reflective day during Advent. Further details and booking:
The Briery on 01943 607287 or

ADVENT MYSTERY IN PAINTING & POETRY" led by Fr Tom McGuinness, S.J. and Sr. Magdalen Lawler, S.N.D., is taking place at the Briery, Ilkley, from Friday 8th - Sunday 10th December 2017 with an option to attend from Wednesday 6th December. This is a themed retreat in preparation for Christmas offering scripture, paintings, music and poetry. This is not a directed retreat but there will be some optional opportunities to speak with one of the retreat
guides. For further information or to book a place please email or telephone the Briery on 01943 607287.

ADVENT DAY OF REFLECTION, "Mary, mother of Jesus - who was she?" on 15th December at The Briery Retreat Centre led by Sr. Anne Hammersley, C.P. and Linda Pennington. For further information please telephone the Administrators on 01943 607287 or email:

KNITTERS NEEDED. Seacroft Churches Together is encouraging people to knit Christmas Angels for distribution within the community. They are to be completed by 3rd December and will be a gift to whoever finds them. Patterns are available in the church porch with a covering letter. There is also a sample angel which must remain there.

New Arrangements for First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation Parents of Children who attend non-Catholic schools and are in Year 3 are asked to the parish office on 01132645260 any weekday morning or email as they will need to attend a meeting in November.

Parish Pastoral Council Nominations are required in writing giving the person nominated - name, address and telephone number and their consent together with name of nominator and seconder These must be forwarded to the parish office by Sunday 19th November. The nominee must be willing to serve on the council.
If more nominations are received than are required then a vote will be taken in the relevant church. Voting will be 3rd / 10th December 2017.

Please consider giving some time to your Parish and help to develop it for the future.

St Gregory's Credit Union - Advance Notice The collection point at St Gregory's Presbytery will be closed the weekend of the 25th & 26th November.
Alternative collection points available at the Newman Parish Centre on Sunday morning between 9.15 - 10.15 & Monday afternoon at the retirement club.

Traditional Irish Music Evening: Saturday 18th November. 7pm-9.30pm. The Inkwell, Potternewton Lane, Leeds LS7 3LW. £PWYF (Pay What You Feel) for further information email

Parish Magazine: The next issue of the Parish Magazine will be published just before Christmas. Please send your (Christmas themed) articles to or drop them into the Parish Office. The deadline for submissions is Sunday 19th November.

Crossgates community hub will relaunch on 8th November in the shopping centre. Initially, it will be staffed Wednesdays and Fridays, 11am - 3pm. or 07985035125

Annual Mass of Remembrance Leeds Irish Centre - Cannon O'Meara lounge on Tuesday 14th November at 7.30pm.

Bulletin Items

*** All items for the bulletin must in future be sent to email address, or handed into the Parish Office in paper form. Thank you ***

November - Month of The Holy Souls New White Envelopes for the November Dead List are available in each church porch. Please return your envelope with the Family Name and donation in the envelopes. Names will then be on a list and placed near the altar during November.

Deanery Visit to Killingbeck Cemetery will be on Sunday 12th November at 2.30pm.

Memorial Masses for those who died in our parish during the year from November 16 - October 17 will be held in each church on the 19th November as follows:
9.15am St Gregory's
10.15am St Theresa's
10.30am Corpus Christi

On Sunday 12th November at the 10.15am Mass the Uniformed Groups will hold their annual Remembrance Sunday Church Parade.

After the Mass, the Beavers, Cubs & Scouts are to host The Coffee Morning and hold a Table Top Sale at the same time to raise urgently needed funds for the group.
The event will take place in the Main Hall of the Newman Centre and ALL are Most Welcome to attend. As you know the more who attend the more money can be raised for the Beaver, Cubs & Scouts.

Cross Gates Methodist Church is exploring being a host church for the Night Shelter this year. This provides sleeping accommodation for refugees and asylum. The host church provides an evening meal and breakfast, and accommodation and West Yorkshire Destitute Asylum Network provide the beds and bedding and support. The success of this relies on being able to have enough volunteers so it would be good if we as part of Churches Together could help.
To this end, Katrina, the head of this project, will be coming to speak to us on Friday 17th November at 11 am at Cross Gates Methodist Church. If anyone is interested in helping in this way and would like to attend the meeting please contact Tony Pickles on 0113 2600844.
All volunteers will have to receive training and this will be discussed at the meeting.
We have a provisional date to run the night shelter from the 15th - 22nd January.
This was successfully run at Garforth last year, through Churches Together. It had a positive impact on the wider community, and volunteers are usually eager to be involved again.
For further information look at their website.

New Friendship Group Catholic Care would like to invite you to join us at our new Friendship Group, meeting at the St Vincent's Support Centre CafĂ© on York Road. The group is launching on Monday 13th November from 2pm-3.15pm and will run weekly. We would love you to join us for refreshments, a good chat and fun activities. £2 per session. For more details please contact Rachel Beedle on 0113 3885400 or 07739975021.

Parish Annual Collection for our OWN SVP groups this weekend 11th / 12th November.
If you are Gift Aid holder please use the envelope provided in your box as all tax returned goes directly to the SVP. Please give generously as you usually do.

SVP Food Boxes: (in each church) Christmas is coming - when shopping can you consider purchasing a little extra festive food for those who won't have that extra special item on their table at Christmas. Thank you.

The St Vincent Support Centre has asked if we can assist with help in providing Christmas gifts. In addition to the usual children's toys they are asking for gifts which would be suitable for teenagers or adults like toiletry sets, hats, gloves, scarves etc. Thank you.

ANNUAL PILGRIMAGE RAFFLE: You will be asked this weekend to take a book of raffle tickets to sell to your family & friends. The draw on Sunday 3rd December during the tea & coffee after the 8.15am Mass. The first prize will be £300 cash and there are many other good prizes. The proceeds from the raffle are to support any parishioner you may nominate to go on pilgrimage with the parish or Diocese. We thank you again for your generosity and support.

Our own Youth Fund monthly collection 18th / 19th November.

Piety Stalls Religious Christmas Cards, calendars cribs and other items and many non-religious other items are now on sale at St Gregory's & St Theresa's piety stalls and Corpus Christi's newly restored old baptistery.

ST JUDE'S FURNITURE STORE - urgently need donations of good furniture and white good. Contact 01274 726790 for collection.

Holy Ground for November is available in the church porch.

Date for your diary: Live Crib at Corpus Christi will be on Saturday 23rd December at 2 pm.

St Theresa's Church Cleaners: Team B 17 November.


All children going to the toilet must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

Will the parents of the young children who are changing to serve Mass and need assistance please help them. Please do not leave it to other adults.


If you are thinking of getting married in any of our churches at least 6 months' notice must be given. This will enable the couple's preparation and the necessary paper work to be completed

Gluten Free Hosts

There is a supply of hosts in each church. Should you need one of the hosts consecrating please make yourself known to the priest before Mass starts.

Mass Offerings

If you wish a Mass to be said on a certain date for a special intention then we ask you to please give 12 weeks' notice.


LIFE: Pregnant?
Need to talk? Life will help. Ring


Please pray for the repose of
Doreen Maniac Edward Welsh, James Thomas (Jimmy Kearns), Susan Boggs, Mark Digings Margaret McGettigan, Sheila McGettigan, Peter Harrison, Tony Reddington, Patrick Harrison, Terry Spencer, who have died recently, and Helen Marshall, Tony Byrne, Eileen Wager, Annie Neary, Nellie Doolan, George & Aurelia Richardson & James Yeaman, whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Mass Intentions received:
For Lately Deceased:

Margaret McGettigan, Sheila McGettigan, Peter Harrison, Tony Reddington, Patrick Harrison, Terry Spencer, Mark Digings x 3 Masses, Margaret Fenton, James Kearns

For Anniversaries:
Parents of SC, Frances Bernadette & Brendan Kelly, Joyce Halpenny, John Hopkins, Mary Hopkins, Annie Neary, Brendan Fitzgerald, Christopher Stephen Cohen, Annie Foster, Nellie Doolan, Brian Holdsworth, George & Aurelia Richardson & James Yeaman, John Bettison, Jim & Kathleen Maher

For other Intentions:
Christmas Blessings (TFB), In thanksgiving to The Holy Souls, Constance Carey Sick

Please Pray for All Who Are Sick, including,
Mark Ashworth , Joshua Barrow (12 years), Joan Brown, Mary Cohen, Jack Denison, Julie Digings, Peter Foy, Ted Fryer, Claire Gaffney, Betty Gregory, Ann Griffin, Peter Hanlon, Josh Harland, Barbara Hayes, Shirley Hesellton, Mr Howell, Kathleen Howley, Tony Kearney, Margaret Kelly, Joe Markham, Anita Mason, Jean McGuire, Emma Mather, Teresa Moses, Molly Neal, Beryl Oakes, Terry Pickles, Elijah Robinson (Baby), Scott Summers Jnr. (2years old), Deborah Tree, Pat Walker, Jim Walsh, Maureen Walsh, Eileen Winn.

New names will be added in alphabetical order and highlighted for the first week.

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