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Parish Bulletin - Week Commencing: 19th August 2018

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Twentieth Sunday in ordinary time
Morning Psalter week 4
Prayer Intention This Week
Pray for all Single People
Today : St Bernard, abbot, Doctor of the Church

SVP Food Bank

There are boxes in each church porch for non-perishable food items.

Thank you

The Word This Week

John 6:51-58

1. Jesus tells us that to have life we need more than physical nourishment. How have you been aware of deeper hungers? What has met that deeper longing in you?

2. Jesus tells us that it is not just something he gives us which will give us life, but himself in his life, death and resurrection. How has your faith in the person of Jesus fed you?

3. Jesus speaks about ‘drawing life' from him. In day to day living what are the practices which support your faith and help you to draw life from Jesus?

4. The Eucharist is one of the ways in which we draw life from Jesus. Recall with gratitude how the Eucharist has been a source of nourishment and life for you.

5. Perhaps you can also think of human examples of people drawing life from one another. From whom have you drawn life? Who has been able to draw life from you?

Tales from Corpus Christi

Stay Close to God.

Cruising is now a popular way of holidaying in luxury surroundings, whilst watching the world passes you by. Some passengers however were not so lucky in their choice of ocean liner, as today's story shows. I'm sure we have all heard of the sinking of the great passenger liner Titanic, on her maiden voyage from England to New York in 1912. Fifteen hundred men, women and children died that fateful night in one of history's worst maritime disasters ever recorded.

The fact that it was a brand new ship heralded as being "unsinkable" made this disaster even more shocking. The most widely held theory at the time, was that when the vessel struck the iceberg; it opened up a huge gash in its side, causing it to sink. But an international team of divers and scientists recently used sound waves to probe through the wreckage, which is buried in the mud two and a half miles down on the ocean bed.

They were surprised to find that the damage was surprisingly small and instead of a huge gash in the vessels side they found six relatively small slits, which unfortunately spread across the six watertight holds designed to stop the vessel from sinking.

So what really sank the Titanic? Four things that could sink us all too; first, they thought that they were immune and it couldn't happen to them. Second officers on the bridge failed to heed five different warnings of sheet ice in the area. Third, it wasn't one big thing, but a series of small things that eventually took them under. Finally, the problem that ultimately destroyed them was hidden beneath the water line completely out of sight of them all.

The things that happened on that fateful voyage could well have been written down as a warning to us all; so if we think we are standing firm, then we must take care that our house is built on a solid foundation. None of us however strong, wise, successful or virtuous is immune to failure and we may never know when the "tides of life" are going to sweep us away, so we must all stay close to God at all times.

"For the Son of man came to seek and to save the lost souls."

Bulletin Items

World Meeting of Families Logo

The theme for each World Meeting of Families is chosen by the Pope. In choosing The Gospel of the Family: Joy for the World, as the theme for the ninth World Meeting of Families in Dublin, Ireland, Pope Francis invites us to reflect on the theme.
This weekend you will be given a prayer card and you are asked to pray the prayer each day over the next 2 weeks for a successful meeting in Ireland.

GIFT AID LETTERS RE TAX CLAIM: Letters for the Tax Year ended 5th April 2018 are ready to collect from next weekend. If you need your details for your tax return before then please contact the office 2645260 any weekday morning. Due to the new accounting system, which stared April 2017 one or two anomalies have shown up. Please check your letter from the Diocese carefully and if there is an error please contact Brian 2642205 or Mary office 2645260 or home 2604699.

Tuesday 23rd October - Saturday 27th October at Beckfoot School Bingley. See poster in church for more details.

Adoremus National Eucharistic Pilgrimage & Congress - Liverpool 2018
Friday 7th Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September

Participating in Adoration: A series of reflections on the ways we participate in the Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament continue to be handed out with your bulletin. If you have missed a copy then please ask the office for a copy.

From Monday 6th August - Saturday 8th September at the end of exposition before returning the Blessed Sacrament to the Tabernacle a special Adoremus prayer will be said.

Prayer Cards will be available in each church.

Optional second collection next weekend 18th / 19th August for our own Parish Youth

YOUTH 2000'S SUMMER FESTIVAL: Are you between the ages of 16 and 35? You are invited to join others from the Diocese as we journey to Walsingham together for Youth 2000's Summer Festival! (a weekend of prayer, praise, workshops, testimony & friendship). There'll be a coach from Hinsley Hall to Walsingham for £23 return. (Departing 12pm on 23rd Aug - Returning 6pm on 27th Aug). Email for more info & see for details of the Festival. Poster in church

SUMMER ACCOMMODATION IN LONDON: Allen Hall Seminary in Chelsea offer comfortable rooms in central London in July and August. Beautiful gardens and chapel. Rooms from £50 per night (including breakfast). Email: telephone: 020 7349 5600 (option 0).

Tuesday 14th August - Newman Centre, St Theresas
Thursday 16th August - Party on Manston Park for EVERYONE All start at 10am till 12.30

St Theresa's Church Cleaners: Team A 17th August

Bulletin News

Parish Pilgrimage to Ireland

Cancelled due to lack of interest and hotel requesting confirmation of booking. (Don't want to lose money)

Considering deferring the pilgrimage to mid-May or mid-September 2019. What do you think?
Please let Mary know your thoughts so that she can do some forward booking.

The Governors of St Theresa's school wish to appoint a Lunchtime Supervisory Assistant/Before and After School Club Assistant from September 2018. Hours of work are typically 11.55am to 1.00pm. Duties include supervising the children on the playground, in the dining hall and occasionally in classroom situations if the weather is inclement.

There will also be the opportunity for extra hours (negotiable) morning and evening to help with our Extended Schools Club.

The post offers an hourly rate of £8.20 (Living wage).

Application forms can be downloaded from the school website . The closing date is Friday, 7th September 2018.

Summer Activities For Children at St Vincent's Support Centre York Road (next door to the Irish Centre)
Monday to Friday 10.00am - 2.30 pm ( lunch 12 -1) This is every week until Sept 2nd. Daily or weekly attendance.
Activity day including lunch is free for all children:
Children should have an adult accompanying them. A colour timetable with information is displayed on the SVP
notice board in the church porch. To book a place or for further information call 2484126.

with The Mount Brandon Ceilidh Band. Including Lovely Irish Stew! With plenty to drink at the Bar! Mount St. Joseph's, Headingly Leeds. LS6 2DE. Saturday 15th September 7:30pm - 10:30pm. Tickets £10 in aid of the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Bishop Marcus will be celebrating the annual Mass for the feast of St Bernard which will take place at 12:00 Noon on Monday 20th August 2018 in the Cellarium of Fountains Abbey. Please see the poster in Church for more details.

CELEBRATION OF MARRIED LIFE: On Saturday 6th October 2018, there will be a special Celebration Mass for Married Life at Leeds Cathedral at 6pm for couples and their families celebrating their 25th, 40th, 50th, 60th & 70th wedding anniversaries this year, 2018. The Mass will fulfil the Sunday Obligation and there will be an opportunity for couples, who wish to do so, to renew their marriage vows during the liturgy. Collect a booking form from the church porch and return by Tuesday, 11th September 2018.

Marriage is an enduring commitment to love, but knowing how to keep love alive for life is not always easy or straightforward. The best relationship help for couples in difficulties is provided by Marriage Care which aims to be open to all irrespective of ability to pay. CONFIDENTIAL, EXPERT, MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIP SUPPORT from Marriage Care. FREEPHONE: 0800 389 3801

St Gemma's Hospice 40th Anniversary: It costs just under £500 for 1 patient per day not including home nursing & care, counselling for adults & children, respite centre, carers and bereavement & spiritual support for all faiths. To raise funds on 15th September our parishioner Kevin O'Neill (76yrs) is attempting to walk the 3 Yorkshire Peaks in under 12 hours. He is seeking sponsorship for the event. At the back of each church is a form if you are willing to sponsor him. Many thanks in anticipation.

SVP Urgent Appeal - During the school holidays many families are using the 'food bank' at the St Vincent Support Centre. The centre helped over 40 families this last week alone and the food store is empty. They are making an urgent appeal for tinned and dried foods to feed families in the coming weeks. They request cereals and all tinned foods particularly tinned meat products. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


All children going to the toilet must be accompanied by their parent/guardian.

Will the parents of the young children who are changing to serve Mass and need assistance please help them. Please do not leave it to other adults.


If you are thinking of getting married in any of our churches at least 6 months' notice must be given. This will enable the couple's preparation and the necessary paper work to be completed

Gluten Free Hosts

There is a supply of hosts in each church. Should you need one of the hosts consecrating please make yourself known to the priest before Mass starts.

Mass Offerings

If you wish a Mass to be said on a certain date for a special intention then we ask you to please give 12 weeks' notice.


LIFE: Pregnant?
Need to talk? Life will help. Ring


Please pray for the repose of
Fr John Abberton, Irene Arnold, Tom Duggan (Lettermore, Co Galway), Keith Broadhead, Mr Morris, Terry Durkin and Mary Levy who have died recently and for Sheila Eleanor Roden, Susan Mary Yates, Eileen Wager, Florence Bettison Mark Wilshire, Kathleen & James Cohen whose anniversaries occur at this time.

Mass Intentions received:
For Lately Deceased:

Tom Duggan, Keith Broadhead, Mr Morris, Terry Durkin, Mary Levy x 4 Masses

For Anniversaries:
Eileen Wager

For other Intentions:
Dolores Harvey Special Intention Sick

Please Pray for All Who Are Sick, including,
Sr. Millie (Peru), Patricia Adams, John Bettison Jnr, Angela Black, Joan Brown, Ann Burke, Gary James Burke, Eileen Caine, Percy Cartwright, Joan Corcoran, Sheila Cornick, Mary Cohen, Maureen Craggs, Claire Crook, Nora Davey, Bernice Deeves, Jack Denison, Julie Digings, Brian Eastwood, Ted Fryer, Claire Gaffney, Mary Gaughan, Betty Gregory, Peter Hanlon, Josh Harland, Barbara Hayes, Shirley Heselton, Kathleen Howley, Madge Illingworth, Maise Kenna, Kenneth William Keeling, Margaret Kelly, Thomas Cole Kelly, Maria Longfellow, Marjory Levin, Billie Marginson, Anita Mason, Megan McDonnell (8yrs old) Jean McGuire, Emma Mather, Paul Moran, Teresa Moses, Molly Neal, John Newton, Beryl Oakes, Brenda O'Gorman, Terry Pickles, Francisco Reyes, Elijah Robinson (Baby), Godfrey (Robby) Robinson, Sylvia Spencer, Scott Summers Jnr. (2years old), Marguerita Toth, Deborah Tree, Pat Walker, Effie Wallis, Jim Walsh, Maureen Walsh, June Watson, Mary Wilson, Eileen Winn.

New names will be added in alphabetical order and highlighted for the first week.

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