The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Mass Times

COVID-19 Lockdown 2 Notice

Following the recent National Lockdown our churches will continue to remain open for Mass.
These updated guidelines have been received from Bishop Marcus THIS WEEK:

"It is important that during this time all places of worship continue to provide hand sanitiser at points of access and egress, there should be stewarding and managed social distancing within the church premises and that full cleaning should be done immediately after the church has been in use. The time that people are in the church should be minimised (so the use of liturgical choices should reflect this, including a brief homily, the omission of the General Intercessions and any other permitted mitigations). The church must be well ventilated, even during the liturgical celebrations. There should be no congregational singing as part of the liturgical celebrations and if a choir or cantors sing, the choice of music should be such that the liturgy is not unduly prolonged."

Please book to attend all weekend Masses including the Saturday 12.15pm Mass.

Face Covering / Masks MUST BE WORN in church


Home visits: Following guidelines dated the 28th September our Priests CANNOT visit the sick & housebound in their own homes. If you know of anyone who needs an URGENT visit due to danger of death please ring 0113 2645260 at any time.

We do our best to make sure our mass times are up-to-date. However, if you are coming a long way, it might be best to check with us first.

Regular Sunday Masses

Saturday Vigils

Corpus Christi - 05:15 pm : : St. Gregory's - 06:30 pm

Sunday Masses

St. Theresa's - 08:15 am : : St. Gregory's - 09:15 am : : St. Theresa's - 10:15 am

Corpus Christi - 10:30 am : : St. Theresa's - 06:00 pm


Mass details for the next 7 days

We update the mass times every Friday when dedications, cancellations and changes are known, please be aware that any Mass labelled as "Details Pending" is subject to change.

Today : Weekday in Ordinary Time

(Except Funerals which are STRICTLY Family Only)

Mass Times for Corpus Christi

Fri 15-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ Alice Hopkins

Fri 15-01-2021 at 13:30 ~ Requiem Mass for Teresa Farquharson

Sat 16-01-2021 at 17:15 ~ People of the Parish

Sun 17-01-2021 at 10:30 ~ David Ruane

Mon 18-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Tue 19-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Wed 20-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Thu 21-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Mass Times for St. Theresa's

Fri 15-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ Peter Hayes

Fri 15-01-2021 at 13:00 ~ Funeral Service for Lynne Grayson

Sat 16-01-2021 at 12:15 ~ Mike Smith

Sun 17-01-2021 at 08:15 ~ Ron Wilkinson

Sun 17-01-2021 at 10:15 ~ Joyce Halpenny

Sun 17-01-2021 at 18:00 ~ Neille Doolan

Mon 18-01-2021 at 12:00 ~ Details Pending

Tue 19-01-2021 at 19:00 ~ Details Pending

Wed 20-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Thu 21-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Mass Times for St. Gregory's

Fri 15-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ Ronnie Neill

Sat 16-01-2021 at 18:30 ~ John Richies

Sun 17-01-2021 at 09:15 ~ Grace Burns

Mon 18-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ NO MASS

Tue 19-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ Details Pending

Wed 20-01-2021 at 19:00 ~ Details Pending

Thu 21-01-2021 at 09:30 ~ NO MASS


Confessions every Saturday


Gluten Free Hosts

There is a supply of gluten-free hosts in each church sacristy. Please make yourself known to the priest before Mass and a host can be consecrated during Mass for you.

Mass Intentions

If you wish a Mass to be said on a certain date for a special intention then we ask you to please give 6 weeks notice.

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