The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds

Mass Times

COVID-19 Lockdown 2 Notice

Our Parish has reintroduced the following steps:

Sanitising your hands on the way in and out of church.

Masks- It is strongly recommended these are worn in church.

Social Distance- no limit but please maintain a safe distance.

Piety Stalls open from 18th - 19th September.

Quiet room St Theresa's will remain closed for emergency use.

Children's Liturgy and Servers - we are now looking to start these from the 1st Sunday of Advent.

Sacristans -We need to contact all sacristans to see if they wish to carry on. If so then we will start these on a weekend only from 2 nd - 3rd October. The priests will prepare the altar and expose the Blessed Sacrament during the week.

Church Cleaning:
Corpus Christi - has started but more help is needed.
St Gregory's - help needed to start cleaning. Every 2 weeks. If you can help please ring the parish office.

Readers Rota - Eucharistic Ministers:
Rotas are being prepared and will start 2nd - 3rd October.

Offertory Collection will continue to be taken at the door.
Please try to give as generously as you can.

Offertory Procession continues to be suspended.

Tea & Coffee after Mass will remain suspended

Please help to keep all our churches safe for all who attend them.

Corpus Christi Church - the Saturday vigil Mass at 5.15pm will remain suspended for the foreseeable future.

We do our best to make sure our mass times are up-to-date. However, if you are coming a long way, it might be best to check with us first.

Regular Sunday Masses

Saturday Vigil

St. Gregory's - 5:30 pm

Sunday Masses

St. Theresa's - 8:15 am : : St. Gregory's - 9:15 am : : St. Theresa's - 10:15 am

Corpus Christi - 10:30 am : : St. Theresa's - 6:00 pm


Mass details for the next 7 days

We update the mass times every Friday when dedications, cancellations and changes are known, please be aware that any Mass labelled as "Details Pending" is subject to change.

Today : Ss Andrew Kim Tae-g?n, Priest, Paul Ch?ng Ha-sang, and Companions, Martyrs

(Except Funerals which are STRICTLY Family Only)

Mass Times for Corpus Christi

Mon 20-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ NO MASS

Tue 21-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ Eileen & Laurence Cohen

Wed 22-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ NO MASS

Wed 22-09-2021 at 13:00 ~ Memorial Mass for Gerard McDonnell – everyone welcome

Thu 23-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ Judith Ainsley-Rose

Fri 24-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ NO MASS

Sat 25-09-2021 at 17:15 ~ NO MASS

Sun 26-09-2021 at 10:30 ~ Barbara & Brian Kelly

Mass Times for St. Theresa's

Mon 20-09-2021 at 12:00 ~ Rae Griffiths - Sick

Tue 21-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ Agnes Sardfield

Wed 22-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ Pat Backhouse

Thu 23-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ NO MASS

Fri 24-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ Special Intention for All

Sat 25-09-2021 at 12:15 ~ Michael Hetherington

Sun 26-09-2021 at 08:15 ~ Marguerite Toth

Sun 26-09-2021 at 10:15 ~ Mary O’Byrne

Sun 26-09-2021 at 18:00 ~ People of the Parish

Mass Times for St. Gregory's

Mon 20-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ NO MASS

Tue 21-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ NO MASS

Tue 21-09-2021 at 11:15 ~ Requiem Mass for James Gerard Herron (Shay)

Wed 22-09-2021 at 19:00 ~ Rachel Legros

Thu 23-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ NO MASS

Fri 24-09-2021 at 09:30 ~ Maureen Markham

Sat 25-09-2021 at 17:30 ~ Stephen Cocker

Sun 26-09-2021 at 09:15 ~ Joan Newman



Before or after ALL Masses - ask
to see the priest.

Gluten Free Hosts

There is a supply of gluten-free hosts in each church sacristy. Please make yourself known to the priest before Mass and a host can be consecrated during Mass for you.

Mass Intentions

If you wish a Mass to be said on a certain date for a special intention then we ask you to please give 6 weeks notice.

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