The Catholic Parish of
Saint John Henry Newman

 Covering most of East Leeds


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There's nothing left in the kitchen
Not a whole, or a half or a crumb,
Not enough for a mouse, or a mite or a flea,
Not a bit for anyone.

Daddy went out busking,
To buy us a decent meal,
Yummy meat, or milk, or fish, or bread.
But the music didn't appeal.

Mummy went out selling,
Our tummies were emptying quick,
She tried plates and pens, and a mini lamp,
But not enough for even a lick.

Big sister went out but, of course came back soon
'cos she is only 11
And can't sell my plastic moon.
Our tummies were literally empty,
Not a bit of some food to be found,
And we started to sing
For food and for drink,
But no people gathered round.

Please help us, please help us,
Please oh please help us,
We're going for the chop,
For the slaughter,
We'd be much happier if you'd offer us
A little food and water.

No one offered, hearts so cruel,
So we lay side by side
And we’re now in heaven, tragically, died.

So make a vow to help us now,
And please oh please don't lie.
You don't want everyone to suddenly, violently
Solemnly die.

By Nikki (age 8 years)

Written by Mrs Clarke’s granddaughter after watching the plight of the Street children in South America.

Published Fri 2nd Nov 2007 00:16:47

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