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Sexual Regulations

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Sexual Orientation Regulations

After a week of intense media speculation it now appears that the Government will not give religious adoption agencies an exemption from the sexual orientation regulations.

Unless this position changes, evangelical adoption and fostering agencies face closure.

The problem is much wider than religious adoption agencies. Under the regulations Christian nursing homes, Christian homes for the elderly, Christian B&Bs and Christian wedding photographers could all be exposed to aggressive litigation because of their religious beliefs on sexual ethics.

The Cabinet has been split on the controversy for months, but it appears that the pro-gay rights ministers are getting their way. Some have said it is wrong to provide exemptions from discrimination law, but such laws always contain exemptions. It is nonsense to suggest otherwise.

It is vital that the Government and MPs understand that significant numbers of Christians are opposed to these regulations and want sensible exemptions to protect religious liberty.

Can I therefore encourage you to pray about this matter and visit or contact your MP?

Please pray:

That the regulations would be changed to protect religious liberty.
That the concerns of religious groups will be fairly reported by the media.
That cabinet ministers would understand the strength of opposition to these regulations.
That The Christian Institute's staff, and our legal advisors, will be granted much strength and wisdom.
Some MPs may very strongly support gay rights. It may not be appropriate to contact them. Please use your own judgment on this.

Meeting your MP face-to-face this weekend to explain your concerns in a constituency surgery could be extremely effective. To find out surgery details ring the local constituency office (details in the phone book) or consult your weekly press.

Another approach is to telephone your MP about your concerns on Monday (29th) or Tuesday (30th). You can telephone them at the House of Commons on 0207 219 3000 and ask to speak to your MP by name.

If you do not know who your MP is, make sure you have your postcode handy and go to:

When visiting (or contacting) your MP please:

Be calm, measured and polite in your tone but clear and firm in your opposition to the proposed regulations.
Say you are concerned, not only for religious adoption agencies, but for Christian nursing homes and old people's homes too. They could be threatened with legal action if they refuse a double room to a homosexual couple.
Say these regulations will expose some Christians to hostile litigation simply because of their religious beliefs on sexual ethics. Say you want exemptions to protect religious liberty.
Say Christians are involved in a host of social projects because they are motivated by their Christian faith. Now they are being threatened with legal actions because some people don't like their beliefs on sexual ethics.
You could print off copies of this email and pass it round your church. Do please also forward it to your Christian friends.

The Government will make a formal decision about the regulations soon, so please act quickly.

Yours in Christ,

Colin Hart

there is currently an online petition on the government website

Published Fri 26th Jan 2007 18:19:24

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