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Christmas Card Competition.

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Churches together in Leeds 15 Ecumenical Christmas Card Design Competition

It was agreed by Churches Together in Leeds 15 at its most recent meeting that a nativity design competition should be launched in December '06 to find a front page replacement for the current Ecumenical Christmas Card. Member churches are invited to bring this initiative to the attention of their respective congregations and, where appropriate, their schools.

The following 'technical' printing advice should be kept in mind by all aspiring artists... submission sizes must be on either A4 or A5 paper, no written material or 'message' or 'legend' should be included and the use of glitter/foil or gold/silver reflective paints should be avoided.

The name of each submitting artist and their church affiliation should be entered in block capitals on a separate sheet and paper - clipped to their submission. Children aged 16 and under are asked also to include their age and the name of their school.

All submissions should be sent (via the Clergy or Headteachers) to Richard Strudwick, 21 Manston Avenue, Cross Gates, Leeds LS15 8BS by the end of December 2006. The adjudicating process will take place in January and the winning entry/ies will be announced shortly thereafter. Subject to the final decision of the panel of judges up to a maximum of four designs may be chosen for publication in 2007.

It is not intended that prizes be awarded for successful entries, the honour of the publication of a winning submission being regarded as sufficient reward in itself!

There is a possibility that a display of a cross-section of entries may be mounted at some stage in the Cross Gates Shopping Centre in 2007. Entrants will be deemed to have given their consent for such an exhibition by virtue of submitting their work for consideration.

Each year 11500 cards are distributed in the Leeds 14/15 area.

Richard Strudwick
11 December 2006

Published Mon 11th Dec 2006 16:49:23

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